Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Silver Surfer #1-3 by Dan Slott & Mike Allred

We all know how I feel about Superhero comics. My friend Ben from the Dartmouth Strange Adventures had recommended I read it knowing that well, I love Mike Allred. Well not HIM but his artwork. heh. So I read the first three available issues while laying in bed moaning about my back. My mood was greatly improved by the comedy. I found Dan Slott actually funny, meaning I actually laughed at the script and circumstances in the story. This is different for me and Marvel comics because I'm use to simply well, being bored mostly. I find that most scripts for Superhero comics lately are just beyond cheesy. Bad romance plots, really shitty one liners and a need to re-use catch phrases from 50 years ago that aren't relevant anymore (x-men I'm looking at you).

Dan Slott and Mike Allred have managed to breathe life back into the Silver Surfer. The script is ultimately entertaining while the opening story arc grabs your attention. I have to admit that I really enjoy the lack of the typical damsel in distress. I mean, there is a chick and she is in distress but she's pretty kick ass at dealing with the situation and isn't waiting for someone to come rescue her. Sure we've seen this before but even in todays Superhero comics, it's not as common as you would hope. Fun romance stories really are difficult to come by lately. They're also difficult to write without being too corny or cookie-cutter. 

Let's talk about coloring here. I love the coloring of these books. They are so vibrant! I mean check out the cover of that first issue! Laura Allred is responsible for bringing these inked characters into brilliance. It's really modern looking while maintaining that sort of pop art feel. I always note how a pallet can really date a story and like-wise make it timeless. It can also reinvent an old look and create a new style.

All in all, this is going on my regular read list. Congratulations people, there are now two Marvel titles back on the read pile LOL.

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