Thursday, July 10, 2014

Foligatto by Nicolas de Crécy & Alexios Tjoyas

Written by Alexios Tjoyas
Art by Nicolas de Crécy

Foligatto is a grotesque Gothic tale about an Opera singer who's destiny was traded for that of another's. This story begins in the city of Eccenihilo. It is up to the mayor to attempt to decrease the civil unrest by putting on a great carnival where the citizens will not be subjected to law and may let their blood lust run rampant. They even intend to have a festive execution! The great Foligatto comes home to sing and perform for a few nights in his home town. 

I would describe this book as grotesquely beautiful. I feel in absolute lust with with artwork. Crecy's delicate and frail characters are haunting. No one is beautiful in this city and their humanity is terrifying. Most of the town is homicidal without thought. Crecy includes beautiful tapestries throughout his book. The patterns really make the story come alive. He also uses Gothic style of architecture to create his panels which allows the reader to really be sucked into this curious world. 

Crecy actually worked for Disney is France before creating this graphic novel. The reception that surrounded it was astounding. Critics were kissing the cover (okay well not really). Even if you have no interest in the twisted story of this Opera singer, the artwork will blow you away. It's certainly worth picking up if only to admire every panel. 

Humanoid Inc sent me a copy of this digitally for review, but I will be looking to order my own awesome hardcover edition for sure. You should too.

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