Tuesday, April 12, 2022

A Town Called Terror by Steve Niles & Szymon Kudranski

Written by Steve Niles

Illustrated by Szymon Kudranski

Published by Image Comics

Amazing way to start a comic book. I have to say that I immediately got into the mood for horror. The tone and atmosphere were perfectly crafted into existence with the first 3 pages. I write to you now, all my thoughts as I climb through this new horror story by one of the comic book world's best horror writers- Steve Niles. Have you written about necromancers here?! The first few pages portray a type of post-mortem surgery, an autopsy in reverse. A surgery putting a corpse back together. I am getting serious necromancer vibes and I love it!

Like many good horror comics, color on these panels are used minimally with the book consisting largely of haunting black and white . It is quite fitting for what is literally a town called Terror, population 1300, home to freaks and monsters. Our story centers around a man named Henry who grew up in Terror, driven away by in-laws and locals, unfortunately finds himself back there to deal with a family matter, against his will. 

This is the first time I've read a book illustrated by Szymon. If you're a Spawn fan however, you would have seen his work on a few modern issues as well as Nita Hawe's Nightmare Blog Vol 1. Szymon is going to be blow up. Or haven't you noticed that this happens to pretty much every artist who works with Niles? Maybe keep your eye trained on Szymon and their trained hand! Horror seems to come naturally to Szymon and there are several pages that are particularly compelling in this first issue. Several sequential panels that flow with second by second movement just like pictures on a film reel. It is on these pages that I found myself taking the first few steps into the emotions of these new characters. That's when I realize, I'm hooked. When the artist can suck me in that way, showing me exactly how a character feels, that's when I feel that connection. The story becomes real to me. Now I need more. 

If you haven't already ordered this story which I am certain will become a horror treasure, you should go call up your local comic book shop and get it added to your subscription box pronto! You do not want to miss this one! Use diamond code FEB220042. A Town Called Terror is available to buy tomorrow!  Grab a copy at your local shop!

As always thanks for reading and remember to read something good today.