Monday, July 21, 2014

Seconds by Bryan Lee O'Malley

Remember how I said that O'Malley would be at Strange Adventures this summer for signing? I didn't lie. With the release of his new book, Strange Adventures announced that O'Malley will be in Halifax on August 2nd. Purchasing the new book Seconds gets you free access to the signing at Strange Adventures. Of course, I got mine. I also made certain to hold on to my copy of the variant cover he did for the first issue of The Wicked and The Divine. By hold onto, I just mean that I didn't file it away in a box yet.

My experience with Seconds was very positive. I think it's by far one of the most unique books to have come out of Canada in a long time. There really isn't much it has in common with Scott Pilgrim besides O'Malley's trademark sense of humor. There are pop culture references that would appeal to my generation. A smattering of video game symbols and Buffy the Vampire Slayer references among other things.
Main character Kate is just turning 30 so that puts her right around my age. (...she gets to be 2 years younger but ya know, who's counting...)

Kate works as a chef at a restaurant called Seconds. She pines for a restaurant to call her very own, while also pining after her ex boyfriend Max. Things get all crazy and time shifty when Kate discovers a present from a little spirit living in the top drawer of her dresser. The present contains one red capped mushroom and notepad labeled mistakes. Inside contain instructions on how to use the gift. Cleverly, you can see that the title Seconds, has a double meaning. Second helpings of lovely food at a restaurant and second chances. I would LOVE to dissect the whole story more accurately for you all but I really don't wish to spoil it.

This hard covered edition is printed in color! Brian Lee O'Malley credits his team with their assistance with the illustrations and lettering. You know you're awesome when you get a team. Seriously. I'm not being sarcastic. I wish I had a team of illustrators and letterists to help me pull together my work. I would certainly be able to get it done on time for a change. Wow, I'm rambling again in my article. I'll stop. Everything about this book is adorable from the illustrations to the plot. I'm pretty much in love with all the characters, well maybe not Max. You'll see what I mean. I kinda wish they were big plushies that I could pick up and squeeze. Except don't try to hug the book, because it's hard covered. Also, try to remember to put it on your bedside table before falling asleep at night because it doesn't feel great when it's hulk corners end up in your temple in the middle of the night.

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