Thursday, October 29, 2020


Want to play on my Minecraft server but you're not a subscriber? AWESOME! Here's how! 

Watch me LIVE at and save channel points to redeem access to The Swamp Server. Then join THE FROG QUEEN Discord server here:

A mod will dm you for your user name and you will be whitelisted. The ip will then be given to you.


1. No griefing of any kind. The server runs with a claim system where you can claim blocks using a golden shovel and stick. To learn more about how this works read the in-game book at spawn OR watch the first 15 minutes of the following video to learn how:

2. BE KIND TO EVERYONE. This also means no stealing even if it is currently unclaimed! Stealing from stores is also grounds for removal from server

3. Respect and listen to the Mods. 

4. You may grab some starter gear from the supply shop at spawn but after that you're on your own! However make some friends on the server!  They're sure to help you out!

5. I shouldn't have to add this as a rule but since it's become a problem here it is : There is zero tolerance for cheating. Using xray cheats to hoard resources and other cheats will result in immediate banning.

6. Large mob farms are strictly forbidden. Due to increased traffic on the server, we must hereby ban all large mob farms. If you have created a large mob farm, it must be dismantled if it's a duplicate of any that are currently on the server. This means no Iron Farms, Gold farms, Creeper farms, large mob farms of any kind. If you would like to assist The Frog Queen or mods with a major farm project in the future you may contact either to discuss. Any new major mob farms being built without permission will result in banning from the server. This also means that Gold and Iron will be provided free of charge at spawn. A bank is there and there will be more info about how you can get this iron and gold in the future. 

7. No lengthy AFK. With the implamentaion of the rule against large mob farms, there is really no need for lengthy afk sessions. No lengthy afk sessions without prior aproval. If you are caught trying to afk using any auto-clicking mouse or other go-arounds, you will be banned permanently. There are no exceptions.

The Frog Queen reserves the right to revoke your access to the server without warning should you disregard the rules and safety of your fellow miners and crafters.

Fequently Asked Questions

What's the location of Spawn?
Coords -443,-162

Can I get some starter gear? 
The Supply Shed is meant for newbies on the server. It is located next to the gazebo at spawn, made of brick and sandstone. Taking multiple times  from it after your initial grab of start up gear is forbidden, as is hoarding if items put there for noobies. This is SURVIVAL, time to learn how to survive.

Can I build a shop in the shopping district? 
YUP! Shopping District is built up all around the gazebo at Spawn. See coords above. 

How can I get more claimable blocks?
Watch the channel and save channel points. Cash em in for more claimable blocks. 

Can I appeal my server ban?
If you've been banned and wish to apologize or explain your actions, or otherwise appeal the banning, you can do so on the discord server in the Server Ban Appeals channel. 

Can I stream from the server? 
You can stream from the server as long as your streaming does not affect The Frog Queen's own stream. Please note that self-promoting in the in-game chat will result in immediate removal from the server.