Tuesday, July 29, 2014

SDCC and Sexism

There's been a lot of press about the sexism at SDCC. The internet blows up often with sexist comments about how certain female cosplayers should accept that they will be touched, mistreated, cat-called, etc for choosing to dress in their favorite characters attire. Especially if that attire is  is more like that of Wonder Woman's. My question is, why does it take a comic-con for people to realize that women are judged on appearance. I'm shocked that it comes up every year and that people every year react just as badly all over the internet. Here are some quotes from a forum on facebook known as COMIC BOOK COLLECTING. Your's truly was actually kicked from this group a few weeks ago for calling attention to sexist attitudes and comments on the forum and bringing it to the attention of the administration. They verbally bashed me publicly then kicked me. A number of female members of the group protested for my treatment and were met with the same hatred. So my good friend Nevs decided to check out the group. On the subject of the SDCC were the following comments:  (Names are hidden from the quotes to protect these people from the angry backlash they actually deserve. I choose not to harass others simply because they harass me. These comments are from both men and women. It's fairly easy to tell which are which.)

 "Women dress half naked and go to comic con filled with nerds and geeks most who have never kiss a girl and wonder why they get stared at and pictures get taken??? Are you fucking kidding me? I mean don't get me wrong women deserve to get respect but cut me a break.... You know what you're doing ladies stop dressing up like that or don't go or stop complaining...."

"*sighs* It's an old debate, how women are portrayed in comics. Booth babes are hardly limited to only comics (car/boat shows, anyone?) and men can be just as sexualized as women. I dare any straight woman to not stare at a guy who's well built and wearing a skin-tight and/or revealing superhero costume. I would. When it turns to groping or taking pictures of questionable positions, then there's a problem, but cat calling or leering is kinda expected."

"There's no moral behavior for men and women, we are all animals, when it comes to sex, so deal with it.."

"i really dont want to hear about the way females are drawn in comics either. even going back to the complaint about barbie. how she was a figure woman could never hope to have. what was boys playing with at that time? he-man. look at his figure. really? so your saying its ok for boys to think you have to look like he-man? its not really any different."

"How many threads about this do we need? As a WOMAN and a cosplayer I find these woman pushing this annoying. Comic Con has great rules in place. But they protect -everyone- not just people with girl parts. So if you need rules specific to people with girl parts, that is horribly unbalanced and silly."

That's a whole lot of disturbing right there. Do people not realize that this happens to women everywhere on a daily basis? Not just the petite and pretty but to women of all shapes, sizes and ages?? Of all walks of life! What shocks me is that so many people do not know how often it happens in daily life for us ladies. This isn't simply a Comic Con issue. This is a continuing, oppressive tactic used against women to victimize and demonize. Ladies you are judged on how you look and dress. That double edged sword has not disappeared beneath your curves or your fashion. Whether you dress what is deemed conservative or provocative, the way people react (which by the way is out of your control) is blamed on you. How's that for a slice of unfair reality?

As a gal, this sort of sexism affects my daily life. I am a fairly conservative dresser day to day, but that doesn't detract from the negative attention I receive. When I go out in the evening, I get dolled up and dress in what some would call skanky. I get the same attention daily regardless of what I am wearing- Negative attention & comments. Generally from men but there are also the sneers from the other women who have internalized this misogyny. Regardless of the hour, regardless of where I am. (Except for my apartment unless I accidentally change in front of the open window... lol) Yet blame is placed on the lady and responsibility ultimately falls on her rather than the aggressor. Comments have been floating around forums all over the interwebs akin to "well why did she wear that if she didn't expect the attention". Makes me wanna vomit. Serious vomit, not just word vomit.

On top of all this Comic-con sexism, there have been a disturbing amount of tumblr posts. Selfies like the one below with women holding signs proclaiming that they don't need feminism and why. Well some say why...others just kinda piss on the word feminism. They general state silly untruths like the photo below. I've blacked out her head to save her any further embarrassment. I mean, we all do and say stuff that we later regret. This is probably one of those things for her, or at least it should be.

This is what happens without proper education.
I'm use to seeing statements like this which honestly is really sad. Seriously do people not even know what feminism is? It's not about the almighty vagina! It's not about supremacy. It's about equality for all no matter gender, race or sexual orientation. Oh and probably something else in there too I neglected to sum up in that tiny sentence. That's the basics though. There are lots of different groups that will claim the term for themselves while ignoring this basic fundamental sentiment. That's not feminism.  Anyone who tries to tell you that feminism is about having lots of abortions, taking away the rights of others or getting special treatment just for women, doesn't know what feminism is. GUESS WHAT THOUGH?!?! Now you do. So the next time someone you hear someone say that they're not a feminist, you can explain to them why YOU ARE. :D

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