Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Blood Blokes #4 by Adam Cadwell

I really liked the first three issues of Blood Blokes. In fact I remember giggling as I turned the pages.. or fingered through the pages, I was reading digitally. I much prefer paper but who am I to be picky? Issue four lets the reader in on a secret. Shall I tell you!? No, no I won't, I shant! Poor Vincent doesn't get to know what's really happening so why should you? Maybe if you read the book and then lend it to him... 

This issue of Blood Blokes is a tad on the more serious side. There is more plot actually happening and not a lot of cadaver tea parties. That's all okay though. We needed some big plot development right about now. This is where it gets thick but I'm only left with more questions. 

I am a big fan of back and white comics. Cadwell's work sucks me right in. I know that when a lot of people talk about great black and white comics, they tend to mention Charles Burns. I'm not a huge fan of Charles Burns personally. I find most of his work rather sexist and difficult to read due to how the female characters are treated. I don't feel that way at all about Cadwell's work. The female characters are just as diverse as the male ones. They don't serve as tits and ass for the male characters either. This is important considering a lot of male-centric comics lately, especially in the indie comic world can be a little on the degrading side. If not just flat out offensive. I'm really happy to say that Cadwell's work does not fit into that category. Not to mention, I just plain prefer his artistic style over Charles Burns. 

Check out that cover by the way! I love it! I need issue 5. I don't want to wait. 

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