Wednesday, November 28, 2018

DEVIL WITHIN #1 & 2 (Black Mask)

Greetings again Comic Book Junkies. It's the frog queen here and today I'm reviewing DEVIL WITHIN issues #1 and 2 from Black Mask Studios. This is written by Stephanie Phillips and illustrated by Maan House with colors by Dee Cunniffe. Letters by Troy Peteri.

Maan House is a name you certainly may be familiar with. House has been a comic artist on such titles as Witchblade and Cutter, Krampus, Hipnorama and more. Stephanie Phillips was selected as the Top Cow Talent Hunt runner-up winner for writing. Stephanie's previous titles include Butcher of Paris and Kicking Ice.

This is a horror comic that debuted in the month of horror October with issue #2 having just been released on November 21st. Yours truly was late getting this comic as sometimes happens but I knew I'd get to it eventually. So the story begins with two newly engaged love birds entering their brand new home. Samantha and Michelle immediately start to have experiences in the home, well in particular, Michelle starts to have experiences while Samantha lives in a world of doubt and denial.

How do I put this, Sam is basically an asshole. She's an un-supportive partner who doesn't even recommend to her fiance that MAYBE she see a healthcare professional (which in my opinion, would be the obvious choice if you didn't believe in ghosts and your fiance was going on about seeing them AND being possessed by one). But no, Sam continues to tell her girlfriend that she's overreacting, imagining things and being dramatic. She's not a far jump away from gaslighting. She'd get along great with my ex boyfriend.

Sam antagonizes her partner at every turn, especially in issue 2. I don't even think this can be taken as joking around at this point. On pg 13 she's making fun of her for tripping and hurting herself and pg 14 she's making her sound irresponsible by telling her she can't take care of herself. And on pg 16 she's making fun of her in her head. WHY IS SAM EVEN MARRYING THIS WOMAN? She clearly doesn't think much Michelle.

All things considered, for another haunting possession story, DEVIL WITHIN is really engaging story. I actually felt myself sympathizing with Michelle more so for having to deal with asshole Sam than the possession but right there, that kept me reading. I love a good possession story, I love creepy ghost kids, let me correct that, I love creepy ghost kids in my comics. But I think I would be remiss without saying that we've seen all these things before. Something this story has that many possession stories do not have is a homosexual relationship. It's nice to have that diversity there although it doesn't really add anything to the story thus far. Yet as I said, despite this story not containing any ground breaking horror elements, it remains engaging.

Well I think that does it for this review. Devil Within is a 4 issue mini series and you can get issue #3 on January 2nd. Thank you so much for watching, don't forget to subscribe to my channel and check me out on facebook, instagram and twitter and as always until next time, read something good.


Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Middlewest #1 (Image Comics)

Writer: Skottie Young
Artist: Jorge Corona
Cover: Mike Huddleston
Variant Cover: Skottie YoungJorge Corona
Published: November 21, 2018
Diamond ID: SEP180050
Age Rating: M

Hello Comic Book Junkies, it's the frog queen here and today I'm talking about Middlewest #1 by  Skottie Young and Jorge Corona which just came out from Image Comics.

I have actually been sharing images of this on Facebook for quite some time. So this is a pretty important comic for me in the sense that I've been really looking forward to it. I got my review copy this week and had to take the dive.

I do not think that I have ever read a comic that was written, but not illustrated, by Skottie Young. Yet having read I HATE FAIRY LAND, I know that we are in for something far from average. I don't think anyone more perfect could illustrate a story for Skottie Young. Jorge Corona's style is so perfect for anything whimsical. If you've been reading my blog for a few years you likely remember me gushing over Jorge Corona's comic series FEATHERS which was published by Archaia back in late 2015. You'll find that his art style has taken on a maturity to speak to an older audience than FEATHERS and the coloring will get to you.... right in the feels. Those gorgeous blues and purples makes my pupils dilate.

The story appears to take place in a kind of dimension similar to our Earth but with some eerie differences. For instance, everything appears to be powered by this glowing pink substance which is attached to motor vehicles, homes, etc. It almost resembles an IV drip and so I keep thinking that here's a child who's in a coma attached to some I.V. drip and talking to his spirit guide. Yes that cute little Fox on the cover is actually talking to our main character. Of course being a bit of symbolism junkie, I would assume from the cover that he is a terminal heart patient. But hey I could be entirely wrong and I'm just having fun making my own narrative. My whole made up synopsis works well with the fact that we are introduced to the main character Abel from the beginning of the comic, within his own nightmare. Or maybe the nightmare is just how he views his environment, the Middlewest. Hostile, uncontrollable and oppressive.

Abel has an abusive father whom he tries to please until he doesn't when his Fox friend urges him to neglect his responsibilities in favor of having some fun with his friends. And that's when the storm comes. This is a very mysterious story and I can't wait to see more.

MIDDLEWEST is an all new, on-going series with Image Comics and you can get issue #1 at your local comic book shop! You can get your copy of issue #2 on December 19th!


Saturday, November 24, 2018

Comics I'm Currently Reading November Edition

Hello Comic Book Junkies! Welcome back to ! Here's an update on what comics and books I'm currently reading. I give a little synopsis of each one and tell you a few things that I really like about them. Again, this is just a rundown of SOME of the comics I've been reading. It in no way encompasses them all as I am constantly staring at comics for work and trying to keep up with the industry! These are just a few that have really spoken to me in one way or another. 

Thursday, November 22, 2018


Welcome back comic book junkies! It's the frog queen here and today I'm talking about a brand new graphic novel campaign on indiegogo called ANDROMEDA OR THE LONG WAY HOME by Ze Burnay. Full disclosure, Ze is a client of mine and I am currently promoting this kickstarter which is why I really wanted to share it with you. Not only do I love this book but I want it to see all the success it deserves!

At its core, Andromeda follows the journey of a man as he struggles to understand, thrive and conquer the landscape that surrounds him. His journey is imparted in a collection of three separate stories. Rich in symbolism and mythological influence, Andromeda is a sophisticated graphic novel that ensnares imagination and excites the spirit.

ANDROMEDA launched on Nov 15th and runs until Dec 15th. The book will be released in hardcover and includes an ambient music soundtrack and a selection of illustrations, sketches and an all-star guest pin-up gallery provided by Mike Mignola, Artyom Trakhanov, Frans Boukas, John Kenn Mortensen, Matt Smith, Simon Roy, and Aaron Conley.

Within the book you'll find three separate stories and they all link together. Our main character who essentially remains nameless, encounters many monsters of myth and legend on his journey and must combat tricks and dangers to find his way home. As this comic is not yet released I'm just showing you artwork that has been shared via social media by myself and the author Ze. I really love Ze's work because it has such a classical illustration feel while also being extremely badass. Ze has done many covers for metal bands and it's totally obvious in a rock and roll way. 

2018 is almost at an end and you do not want it to slip by without taking a look at this amazing, limited run comic. 

Please use the following link to support ANDROMEDA:

Thursday, November 1, 2018

HEROES INTERNATIONAL! “A comic book featuring a superhero team just like any other popular superhero team from Marvel or DC with one exception...They Suck!”

HEROES INTERNATIONAL is an ongoing comic book series about an unconventional band of superheroes! Short Fuse Media launched a new Kickstarter and have gained a staggering $4100 CAD already! With flexible reward tiers, the team has made it possible for anyone to get in on the action! Their rewards range from digital to printed media, t-shirts, posters, action figures and more! With only nine days left to be apart of this campaign, you don't want to wait! PLEDGE TODAY!

Here's the skinny:
Years after a tragic event that the media dubbed “The Zero Event” where all of the superhero population disappeared, new powered superheroes begin to emerge around the world to fill the void left by the missing heroes. Even though most of these heroes lack training and experience, a division of the government called the Extra Human Division (EHD) begins to ban a few of these heroes together as the new generation of the super team called Heroes International. Can this diverse cast of characters find a way to work together and save the world…or will they die trying?!