Saturday, July 12, 2014

Shutter #4

Finally got a chance to read this. A few days late I know but it's hard being a comic book journalist during release work at the software plant. For the record, I'm a technical writer and I don't actually work at a plant, I just like to call my office that.... anyway....

I was so curious to meet our heroine's siblings but that hasn't happened yet in this issue. The anticipation is kind of killing me. We did get a few clues on who or what these siblings may be. I'm starting to get the impression that they are manifestations of Kate's father's adventures. Perhaps he dreamed them into existence. I don't feel as though they are actually REAL siblings.

As with previous issues, Del Duca stretches her art muscles by playing with different styles. The first three pages being particularly macabre and gothic. Quite lovely and my favorite panels in this issue. Also of note would be the platypus character who is homicidal-ly awesome and super cute for a murderer.

I'd like to point out how nice it is to have "story so far" included on the back of the issue. It's so much easier for people like me who read X number of comics all the time and must refresh yourself constantly with the previous issue of this or that. Although it's not so neccessary for me with Shutter because this is a title that always stands out clearly in my memory. It's strikingly different to many of the series out there right now. After my interview with Del Duca last month I have a clearer insight into book.

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