Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Comics I'm Currently Reading: December Edition

Just a little bit on what I'm currently reading, my new green screen and a look at the new GREGORY SUICIDE hardcover book from DARK HORSE COMICS. 

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Interview with Andrea Mutti on PORT OF EARTH (Image Comics)

Story: Zack Kaplan

"Aliens have come to Earth with a business deal: a spaceport on our planet. Now Earth's Security Agents are hunting down a dangerous rogue alien who’s broken loose on the California coast, but one agent’s personal feelings about Earth’s deal with the aliens may push him to defy protocols and threaten the mission."

I'm so pleased to bring you a written interview between myself and Andrea Mutti, illustrator of one of my new favorite comics. Andrea is an Italian comic book illustrator, colorist and penciler who has worked on such comics as REBELS, BATMAN, STAR WARS, WOLVERINE and more! If you have not, please check out my video review of issue #1 below this article. Now, onto the interview!

FQ: Port of Earth, how did you end up collaborating with Zack on this and how you meet?

ANDREA: Hey! I know his stuff but I have received call from TopCow about his new project, SciFi,, amazing news! I’ll get in touch with Zack by Skype and…love at first look! Very cool guy with lots of cool ideas! My man!! Now I can say that we are real good friends sharing ideas, views and opinion about stuff in real life. This is one of the most amazing things about that job!

FQ: This is a really unique story for me but its also very serious for me in that it touches on current events. Was it on purpose that this story sort of reflect the xenophobia happening in the world today? 

ANDREA: Very good point Amy, really appreciate that you are focused on's true…the Alien is the stranger…and with the stranger we have the fear of the new, unknown…seems super hard in “our” planet, can you imagine with a contact with several aliens form from outer space?….pretty funny sometimes.We are looking for alien forms in the universe, but we have difficult to interact with the human being that speaks another language or with a different color skin or religion? How does that make sense?

FQ: Can u tell me a little bit about how you designed the aliens of the Port of Earth Universe? How many different kinds of aliens will we end up seeing in this series?

ANDREA: Oh, in that kind of story, an artist is really free to do what he prefer. This is amazing! We will see lots of different alien forms. So, I had inspiration from some movies, TV shows, books and comics..whatever..BUT, the nature is my first inspiration.

FQ: Can you tell me a bit about the character design of our two partners Macintyre and Rice? 

ANDREA: At the beginning could be the “classic” duo good guy and bad guy. But we will discover much more about those 2 friends. The different reaction about the arrival and about the impact with the society. It's a very big deal.

FQ: Could you tell me who or what inspires your work? Is there anything you take inspiration from outside of other artists?

ANDREA: Sure thing! I am a hard reader. After 25 years in the comic world, I still remain “simply a reader”. I love read comics and look the other artist. It's the best way for do better an debtor and, of course, for understand that your way is…long again!.There are many artists that I see and follow, it's impossible to make a list, but I thank them overtime if I can!

FQ: Out of all the projects you've worked on, which project meant the most to you?

ANDREA: For sure my recent serial with Brian Wood REBELS, I love the US history and has been great dig that period…America’s founding, wow!..and, of course, I have to say Batman, my favorite superhero ever! But there is a piece of my heart in everything I do. Conan a great classic, Star Wars…..lots of fun!

FQ: Finally, could you tell me a bit about your artistic process and the tools you use?

ANDREA: I am an old fashion artist..pencils, inks and all the classic stuff..I love feel the paper’s texture before starting a new project and find the good one for a specific effect….the matter..the my rule!

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR READING!  Please check out my review of Port of Earth issue #1 and be sure to add issue #2 to your pull list this month using Diamond ID: OCT170698. Issue 2 will release on December 13th. 

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This is the first time I review a series top to bottom as each issue is released. What more fun than to do it with my current favorite series KID LOBOTOMY by Peter Milligan and Tess Fowler on the new IDW imprint BLACK CROWN.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

INTERVIEW WITH DAN SLOTT 2017 PT1: Silver Surfer, The End!

I'm so pleased to bring you my video interview with Dan Slott where we discuss the closing of his Silver Surfer run with Mike & Laura Allred. I'm still recovering because as you know, this has been my favorite Marvel series for the last few years. All good things come to an end. 

Tuesday, October 24, 2017


Check out my new weekly episode featuring COMIC BOOK KICKSTARTERS. Today I'm talking about AFTER THE SNOW by writer Dale Maccanti of WHITE CAT PRESS and illustrator Trevor Wood of the webcomic SAWBONES. Just 6 days left to support this great 6 part mini series!  1$ of support gets you a digital copy of issue #1!

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Today I did something a little different in the spirit of Halloween!  Today I talk a little bit about the comic book magazine serialized in the 50s called CHAMBER OF CHILLS. This is a bit of a silly video for me, and hey maybe I'm not that funny LOL. I'm sure youtube will let me know how truly unhappy I am with the hate. HA!  Anyway if you like the video, please share on facebook and twitter and don't forget to follow me there!  

Friday, October 6, 2017

HAL-CON 2017 Interview with Gerhard (Cerebus)

Here is my interview with the amazing Gerhard of Cerebus, the longest running independent comic made by one team in history! We talk about the history of Cerebus, his work on Locust Moon’s Little Nemo tribute book, there’s even a cameo from Tony White and I learn how to properly pronounce things. There’s a little wookie trouble too! Check out his blog! There’s a pic of me there too LOL! Check out Gerhard’s work at

Monday, September 25, 2017

Hal-Con Coverage 2017 Pt1: Comic book creators, Signings & Cosplay

Here it is! My HAL-CON coverage! PART ONE! 

n this video you'll find a costume montage, creator signings with Gerhard of Cerebus, drawing with Nick Bradshaw of Marvel Comics, a flash mob and more! 

Friday, September 8, 2017

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

COMIC BOOK REVIEW: The Last Paper Route

Today I'm reviewing The Last Paper Route by Canadian Team Sean Jordan, Alex Kennedy and Dave Howlett. Follow Decent Comics on Twitter @DecentComics. 

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Monday, August 21, 2017

Interview with Antony Johnston (on Atomic Blonde/The Coldest City/Wasteland Compendium)

Today it's my pleasure to bring you my most recent interview with Antony Johnston, writer of The Coldest City, now the major motion picture Atomic Blonde. In this interview we also cover the upcoming Wasteland Compendium release and finally, a bit about his process. So enough from me check out the interview:

TFQ: Congrats on the new motion picture Atomic Blonde!  Can you tell me a little bit about how your book The Coldest City ended up being a major motion picture?000

THE COLDEST CITY was published by Oni Press, and while it was being developed they had a meeting with Charlize Theron’s production company, because she was looking for new projects. She liked the concept of the book, so Oni sent her the script to the graphic novel — Sam Hart was still drawing it at the time! — which she also liked, and negotiations began. Eventually, Denver & Delilah (Charlize’s production company) optioned it a few months before the book was published, in 2012. 

That began a long journey to get a screenplay written, hire a director, get a budget, and so on, until we finally began filming at the end of 2015, just a few months after MAD MAX FURY ROAD had been such a hit. We were very lucky with the timing throughout.

TFQ: Did you originally ever picture the story as a movie and is it strange to see your work on film?

I never write comics or books with a movie in mind; I think that often results in a weaker book, so I always focus on making the best story I can within the medium in which I’m working. If it becomes a movie, that’s wonderful; if not, that's fine, and I know I didn’t compromise the book in any way.

It is a little surreal seeing a story I wrote, and characters Sam Hart and I created, up on the screen! But it’s also great, because Dave Leitch and the team did such a great job, and we’re both very happy with the movie. You can’t argue with Charlize Theron kicking ass.

TFQ: Will there be a sequel with The Coldest Winter?

I think everyone’s hoping we can make a sequel, for sure, but there’s nothing definite yet. It definitely won’t be based on COLDEST WINTER, though, as that’s a prequel focusing on David Perceval (James McAvoy's character).

TFQ: Do you find the release of the movie has attracted a new audience to graphic novels?

It seems so — I don’t have print numbers yet, but last week we were the #1 best-selling historical fiction graphic novel on kindle, and this week we’re at #6 for all graphic novels on iBooks. That suggests a lot of people are picking it up after seeing the movie, which is great.

TFQ: So the Wasteland Compendium Vol 1 was just released! How many volumes will be released in total? Is there any new content included in the new compendium?

The first WASTELAND COMPENDIUM contains the first 31 issues, so just over half of the series — the second Compendium will contain the remaining 29 issues, plus the “Walking the Dust” stories. There’s no brand-new content; it’s simply a more convenient method for people to collect and read the entire saga.

TFQ: I always like to ask creators a little about their process. Can you tell me a little bit about your writing process? How many stories are you working on at any given time? How do you get started when you have an idea? Are you the type of person who needs to rid themselves of all distraction, etc? 

My process is mainly a case of me writing and re-writing stuff over and over again until I’m happy with it…! I wrote about it in a piece published in the “For Writers” section of my website, which goes into some detail. You can read it at

I’m always working on multiple projects — for instance, right now I’ve begun work on the third COLDEST book, I’m planning a screenplay, I recently finished a novel, the new Codename Baboushka series is underway, and I’m also consulting on two videogames. That’s a fairly normal workload for me.

I like to work fairly distraction-free where possible (although it isn’t always possible…), but one thing I do like is to have music playing when I write, which makes me fairly unusual among writers. Dead silence is sometimes a bit stifling for me, so I’ll put something on in the background — normally some classical music, or something ambient, even a bit of post-metal drone. I can listen to that sort of music all day without being distracted.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Interview with Rich Tommaso (Image Comics)

Today I'm reviewing Rich Tommaso of Image Comics Spy Seal, She Wolf and Dark Corridor. Spy Seal is available at a comic book store near you on Wednesday, August 16th 2017.

Check out my review of Spy Seal #1:

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Sunday, August 13, 2017

DCAF (Dartmouth Comic Arts Festival) HAUL VIDEO

The Dartmouth Comic Arts Festival takes place every year in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. This is my Haul Video which highlights all the awesome new creators I met !

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Jimmy's Bastards

written by Garth Ennis
illustrated by Russ Braun
published by Aftershock Comics

Aftershock Comics is getting all the good writers!  Damn here we have a new Garth Ennis story!  A whole new character creation. I guess I have to say I fell in love with Ennis during Hellblazer. So I make a point of reading his stories when I can.

This story centers around a un-likeable character named Jimmy Regent. He caught me off guard from page one. I didn't quite understand what I was getting into. My initial thought was that this was an Archer rip off sort of character but that's not quite it. Although there's glaring similarities, Jimmy himself isn't really anything like Archer except for the stereotypical Bond qualities (dashing super agent, playboy, alcoholic).  He's a lucky 007 in a ridiculous world. Things just happen to work out for this Jimmy Regent and he's 100% confident that they will. At least, in the beginning.

My favorite part of this book was the gadgets area where we get to see a tiny little roving unit known as the Micro Aggressor that is remotely driven around and shouts "THESE PEOPLE!" repeatedly. It's meant to incite groups of people. Hysterical.

There's a point later in the issue that kinda gets to me. Regent gets a new partner. She's a tough, yet beautiful lady of color and Regent points this out by asking if she has had any "token work". It's not this as the joke carries out appropriately and isn't actually offensive but funny social commentary. What gets me is his partners attitude to other women. I see this so often in books, movies, comics and while I will agree that there are women who exist to look down on other women for being pretty, and wrongly judging them to be stupid because of it, I TRULY am so tired of this character consistently making its way into stories. It's tired and played out. I think it actually reinforces the idea that people should continue to judge women on their appearance: Pretty and flashy clothes? DUMBASS FLAKE. Business suit & modest wear? STUCKUP PRUDE. It's just exhausting, what year is this?

Yet in the end of the issue we're rewarded by all this show of masculine prowess with a hysterical look at Regent's greatest foe of all time!!  OH I WANT TO SPOIL IT... okay I won't.. I won't...


Monday, June 19, 2017

Beautiful Canvas #1 & 2

written by Ryan K Lindsay
illustrated by Sami Kivela
published by Black Mask

Here's another Black Mask comic book review for you. This one written by Ryan K Lindsay, his first title with the label. I have read everything Lindsay has published with a favorite being Negative Space published by Dark Horse in 2016. The first issue of Beautiful Canvas is currently available at a comic shop near you. You can grab your copy of issue #2 on July 26th.

The story largely centers around hit woman Lon who's complicated life is further complicating her relationship with her girlfriend Asia. The story is told through different Lon's eyes, memories and sets of Lon's victims and pursuers both living and dead. However something truly odd is thrown into this crime story, mutants... superhuman mutants to be exact. It's at this point that this reviewer cannot tell if all this is taken as reality or if Lon is losing her marbles. I'm taking it on faith that this story portrays a reality of super humans and humanoids.

The story is nowhere near linear so you are really going to have to be paying attention. This isn't a passive read although every segway is separated by a new titles and character introduction in the form of retro movie commercial announcement : "So and So stars in Something Vague but Witty".

There's a lot of eerie imagery throughout the story. One moment your witnessing a heartfelt embrace between two lovers and then lurking in the background you see this bloody, ghostly figure... and as a side note, there's nothing more unnerving than ghost children!

The story is illustrated with a pop art style which can be more-so attributed to the color pallet rather than the actual line work. Beautiful and bright yellows, fuchsia's, purples and blues come together to draw the eye to each panel.

If you are ready for something out of the ordinary then I highly suggest checking out Beautiful Canvas.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Interview with Jason Copland on KILL ALL MONSTERS OMNIBUS

written by Michael May
illustrated by Jason Copland
Published by Dark Hose Comics

Welcome back Comic Book Junkies! Once again I've taken to the word processing app to bring you a fantastic interview with one of my favorite comic book artists. Today I bring you and interview with Jason Copland who is going to tell us all about the new KILL ALL MONSTERS OMNIBUS available at comic book store near you on July 19th, published by the prolific Dark Horse Comics. 

KILL ALL MONSTERS has been a long running labor of love, an action packed clash or monsters, robots and humanities fight for survival! Here's my interview with Jason Copland.

TFQ: My number one question is when is the omnibus coming out and what stories /vol does it compile. I know that this story had been going on a very long time. Since 2013? Does it include all stories, even ones previously published by labels other than dark horse? Also, what age group is this story aimed at? I only remember reading it a really long time ago and I thought it was all ages but can't remember.

Jason: I know, right? It feels like forever for the book to finally hit the shelves. But the Kill All Monsters Omnibus is indeed hitting comic retailer shelves on July 19th and larger bookstore retailers on August 1st!

Dark Horse Comics has done an amazing job putting this 368 page hard covered tome together! The book will include everything we have done concerning the main story plus the Dark Horse Presents story from last year and a never seen 40 page one shot that introduces an new robot. The book is aimed at an all ages group.
Kill All Monsters Print

TFQ: What can fans expect to find in this omnibus? Have you and Michael included any creator or process material?

Jason: The book doesn’t contain any process material, unfortunately. We do have pinups, though! Johnnie Christmas, Otis Frampton, Brian Level, Jeff McComsey and Frankie B. Washington have flexed their creative muscles and supplied us with absolutely amazing images. It’s always a thrill to see how other artists interpret your creations and these guys blew us away with what they came up with.

TFQ: Can you tell me a bit about how this story was initially conceived? How did you get involved with Michael May for this project and how did you begin to collaborate on this project?

Jason: I met Michael online via a now defunct comics message board. We had similar interests in comics and movies and I mentioned I was looking to drawing something cool that featured robots and monsters. A mutual friend had come up with a basic concept of a world overrun with monsters and a group of people determined to fight back but he wasn’t interested in writing the actual story. Michael and I dug the premise and we used it as a springboard to help get us moving.

The actual collaboration process between Michael and myself is fairly dull to describe. We tend to work quite independently. Michael goes off and writes the script. Once I get the script, I design characters/monsters/setting/etc and start drawing the pages. We trust each other fully, so we tend to just stay out of each others’ way.

That said, I do suggest pacing options if I feel like the page needs to breathe differently than the script is describing. But we talk those ideas over and come to an agreement.

TFQ: What is your favorite part of Kill All Monsters? What part was the most fun to illustrate?

Jason: The fight scenes are my favorite parts of the book. Those are so much fun to draw! I even make sound effect noises as I draw those panels. Hahaha!

TFQ: Do you expect to create more stories in this series in the future? Do you feel this omnibus marks a closure or a new beginning?

Jason: We will definitely be making more Kill All Monsters stories. The ending of the 40 page one-shot in the book hints at the continuation of KAM beyond the omnibus. Plus, this is a book that has everything I’ve ever wanted to draw: robots and monsters. How could we not make more?

TFQ: Can fans purchase any of the original art from the series?

Jason: I’m very open to selling the original Kill All Monsters art. People interested just need to drop me a line on Twitter at @jasoncopland and we can work out the details.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

The Magical Twins

written by Alejandro Jodorowsky
illustrated by Georges Bess
Published by Humanoids

The Magical Twins is written by Alejandro Jodorowsky and  illustrated by the amazing George Bess who also illustrated Jodorowsky's Son of  a Gun and The White Llama. However this time, Bess has used his powers in a whole new way. When you compare the artwork side by side, you can immediately tell the approach to Magical Twins has an exaggerated style. Characters have bigger eyes, expressions and friendlier, often goofy faces because this story is meant for a young audience. Apart from the actual character design, the coloring also lends itself to children by utilizing a flamboyant color pallet.

This is the first all-ages Jodorowsky story I have ever read. I actually can't think of a single story previously written by Jodorowsky that was intently written for a young audience. Most of Jodorowsky's work sits completely in the adult world and wouldn't be suitable for anyone under 13 (15 if you're a particularly strict household, I however don't think teens need that kind of censorship).

As you can guess this book doesn't hold Jodorowsky's usual themes which generally include sexuality, violence and tragedy, etc. I've seen many comparisons to Greek tragedy when people talk about Jodorowsky's work. The Magical Twins fits more appropriately in the realm of Greek Mythology. Although I don't feel there is any real lesson to be learned (except maybe that parents aren't always trustworthy), the journey's focus is on turning enemies into friends. This makes sense as you can't really have children running about murdering everything with magic, well you could, it just wouldn't be a children's book anymore. The ending however is where I am slightly confused. And here I'll warn you to read no further as I'm going to SPOIL the ending:

The Twins reach their goal only to discover that the trials they were set out to concur were put in place by their parents as a giant test. You know, cause parents always set their children out on dangerous, terrifying tests in order to ensure they haven't gotten soft living in the palace. So essentially, while I'm not surprised that Jodorowsky's idea of a children's story includes a lesson about not trusting your parents, I have to question what he was thinking. Maybe he was just laughing about it. Actually I am picturing him snickering in his writing area.

Whether children actually pick up on the less than positive meaning behind the ending of Magical Twins, they will love the beautiful illustrations, and exciting, action packed pages. No matter what gender your child identifies with, this book positive roles with both boy and girl being capable, brave adventurers!

Monday, June 5, 2017

BabyTeeth #1

co-creator & writter Donny Gates
co-creator & artist Garry Brown

This is the first advanced written review I've done in a long time. Tomorrow BabyTeeth #1 hits the shelves from Aftershock Comics! I have been eating up the Aftershock lately. Really enjoying their releases and BabyTeeth is no different. As you can likely assume from the cover, BabyTeeth is going in the direction of paranormal horror and I love me some paranormal stories. Of course, I don't think I've enjoyed anything from that genre since Hellblazer but those are just really big shoes to fill.

The story of BabyTeeth is narrated by a teenage mom who's having a delightfully, unexpected baby. As you can imagine its no normal child. I love the cover of this issue honestly, pentagram on the pregnancy test stick? Pretty awesome.

I wonder why the antichrist is being born to an unwed teen? Generally these types of Damian-esq stories, you have a really nice couple who's burdened with the demon child. I'm really hoping that this isn't immaculate conception although we aren't told who the father is or even where the child is in present day, or what year the story is being told from. Lot's of questions and that's good for an initial issue.

I have to say I'm not completely in love with the artwork. Yes I really liked the cover and I do actually enjoy a lot of Garry Brown's work (Black Road, Catwoman, The Massive, Daredevil), some of the panels in this book feel rushed. Has the feeling that it's more of an afterthought when I'm use to having the feeling that creator owned type books are a labor of love. However, the artwork as a whole doesn't feel like that, just a few panels. I am particularly fond of the panel of the baby with the black eyes however.

All in all, I am looking forward to seeing where this story goes. I wanna see how it differs from other stories of this nature like The Omen and Rosemary's Baby. So far the atmosphere in the story feels completely different and that is a good thing.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Advanced Comic Book Review: Winnebago Graveyard

Hello Comic Book Junkies!  Today I bring you my advanced review of Winnebago Graveyard by Steve Niles and Allison Sampson. Please bear with me for a few weeks as the quality of my videos will suffer while I wait for my new computer to be built. Then I will have smashing beautiful videos !

Friday, May 26, 2017


Today I'm bringing you my interview from TCAF with one my favorite recently discovered creators, Matthew Allison. He is the artist, creator and writer of Cankor Comics. To purchase your own Cankor Comics and original art please check out

Sunday, May 21, 2017

TCAF Interview with Avery Hill Publishing's Rick Miller & Rachael Smith

 I am very pleased to bring you another interview from my awesome trip to TCAF, Toronto Comic Arts Festival. This interview is with Rick Miller from Avery Hill Publishing and artist & writer Rachael Smith. Here we talk about her new book Artificial Flowers and all things Avery Hill!

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Thursday, May 18, 2017

BUG! The Adventures of Forager

It seems perfectly timed that I just recently added the artist edition of Jack Kirby's New Gods to my collection. Forager's first appearance happened in the #9th issue in 1979. In the original story, Forager's origins are not fully disclosed. Although he is of the insect people who live below the gods on New Genesis, the story eluded to the fact that he might in fact be ascent from the gods and not of the bug people at all. The Allred's have picked up on this particular open feature of Forager's history and built the new story around this. On page one, Forager is urged to chase his ancestry but is lost wandering through his own dreams.

I'm sure by now that anyone who's followed me for more than a couple weeks understands my fondness for anything Mike Allred touches. Who better to touch this Kirby project than the Allred team!  Amazing colors provided by Laura with an exciting and fun story provided by Mike & Lee. If anyone else had gotten their hands on the project I would have likely scoffed and turned up my nose proper like the little comic book snob I've become. Happily, I did not have to do any of that. I'd hug the book if it wouldn't result in the wrinkling of pages. On another note, I was delighted that I managed to get James Harvey's variant cover of the first issue.

The Brute and Glob character designs are fantastic and maybe I'm a little bias here since I have a predisposition which causes my eyes to linger on pastel pinks. I may be suffering from Crang flashbacks.

The story is littered with pop culture references to my childhood, in particular a famous line from Pinky and the Brain. Oh Animaniacs will forever haunt my waking life and I'm not particularly upset about it.

To be honest this is one action packed issue and has an appropriate length which, I'm actually surprised. DC doesn't always publish floppies of any great length lately. I find artists and writers alike trying to push as much as they can into so few pages. I suspect that if this were not on the Young Animal DC imprint, it would suffer as many DC titles have  *coughConstantinecough* .

The whole issue leaves on an appropriate cliff hanger without leaving the reader dissatisfied. Enough lead up is provided to grasp the intentions of the story without spoiling any potential outcome and this is how first issues SHOULD be. Can't wait to read the next installment and if you haven't read the issue yet, I suggest you run out and pick it up. No Kirby fan will want to miss this story.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

TCAF: Interview with GMB Chomichuk

This is my first video interview from TCAF (Toronto Comic Arts Festival) 2017. This interview is with GMB Chomichuk author & artist of Infinitum, Midnight City, Will I See?, Rust and Water and Medicine. You can find out more information on Chomichuk's work via his social media:

Twitter: @gmbchomichuk

Saturday, March 25, 2017

What Am I Currently Reading? Episode 2

This is my second video about what I'm Currently Reading. Check it out! Don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel for more updates, reviews and creator interviews! 

Monday, February 13, 2017

Marvel Sneak Peak: MAN-THING #1

MAN-THING #1 (of 5) (JAN170932)
Written by R.L. STINE
Variant Covers by BILLY MARTIN (JAN170934) and FRANCESCO FRANCAVILLA (JAN170933)
Action Figure Variant by JOHN TYLER CHRISTOPHER (JAN170936)
Man-Thing and the Marvel Universe Variant by RON LIM (JAN170935)
Venomized Variant by STEPHANIE HANS (JAN170937)
FOC – 02/13/17, On-Sale – 03/08/17
ISBN: 978-1-302-90200-1

Friday, February 3, 2017

Tomie the Deluxe HC by Junji Ito

So Viz Media has been SLOWLY releasing Junji Ito's work. They originally started publishing series like Uzemaki and Gyo is soft cover manga style collections. I guess demand in the West has pushed them to start making deluxe hardcover books. Nerds like me couldn't be happier with this decision. I don't mind the soft cover standard manga books but its nice to have something a little special. The book nerd in me let go a big wet one.

I really do wish they would start to release some of his older works. He has many short stories and collections which have never been printed for North America. The first Junji stories I've ever read were short stories, some of which I've covered on early pages of this blog. You can check out my other reviews here:

The Town Without Streets
The Dark Drinks Blood
House of Puppets
The Window Next Door
Flesh Colored Horror: Dying Young
Uzemaki vol 2
Uzemaki vol 3
Fragments of Horror
Junji Ito's Cat Diary

So Tomie is a story about a girl who incites people to love her, kill for her, and run in fear of her. She repeatedly dies and yet somehow comes back to life. There's something monstrous about Tomie but no one knows what and worse, not everyone sees this side of her. As with many Junji stories, this one too centers on mass hysteria, paranoia and conspiracy. Throw in a bit a of body gore and I'm pretty much in heaven, er - weirdo, manga, comic book heaven.

Tomie is a massive book which was originally presented in serial form submitted to Monthly Halloween, a shōjo magazine in 1987. This is the series that Junji won the Kazuo Umezu Award. (Cat Eyed Boy, The Drifting Classroom).

This book cost me 40 dollars Canadian online. I would have ordered this locally but it was listed at an alarmingly expensive list price. This is an ongoing problem with comics and graphic novel retail in Canada. We are paying UP THE ASS for our comics because stores are paying UP THE ASS for books and comics from distributors. This is due to the American dollar and the fact that SOMEHOW Canadians are being forced to pay 20% more for our comics & books. This isn't just a problem with books. Canadians have always been shafted on goods from American companies, this is not simply a book problem. At any rate, there was a time when Canadian comic book retailers would charge the US cover price and not the listed Canadian cover price. That is no longer the case with the shops in my area and thus, I can't shop there as often as I'd like. Due to this reason, if there's a top quality book, I often have to source it online. SUCKS but I'm not rich.

ANYWAY, despite the price tag, it really is a fantastic book and feels very deluxe to hold. I dunno about you, but I really love just holding a book. I'm not being a very good minimalist, but books.. it's one thing I can't seem to let go of.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Animosity: THE RISE #1

Writer & Creator: Marguerite Bennet
Art: Juan Doe

Hilariously, this is a book I didn't expect to have a connection with. I chose it simply based on the cover. I do that sometimes. Well of course I know who the writer is, Marguerite Bennet is not without notoriety. A story about all the animals taking back the world, literally talking, working together and killing resisting humans. The only humans spared are the ones that cared for animals in the first place. Do you think the vegans got spared? That part of the animal agenda wasn't revealed in the first issue unfortunately.

Animosity: The Rise is a one shot from the comic book series Animosity which starts in Aug 2016. Although its described as a one shot, they've attached an issue number which always makes me suspicious. The series is currently resting at only issue #4.

I think it's the first Aftershock book I've ever read from AfterShock Comics, an independent comic book label formed in April of 2015. Marguerite Bennet is the talent responsible for many a DC book. She's been a writer on series such as Batgirl, Earth 2: World's End, Superman:Lois Lane, DC Bomshells, and not to forget a bunch of Marvel titles, releases with Image Comics, Boom, Archaia, IDW, the list is quite extensive.

I've actually read a lot of her books so I have to say this feels like a departure. That's what happens when writers get to create. AWESOMENESS. It's not a new concept but its a bold story. Animals rebelling against humanity, creating a new world. People don't take kindly to such stories. Too ridiculous, too unbelievable, somehow it's a story about a man  leaping over tall buildings is more believable but I digress. I really like the concept of the series. It feels  kind of vegan whether it was intentional or not. This issue also reveals the intentions the animals have for what's left of humanity. I won't spoil it. I myself, have yet to read the first 4 issues as I only just established a relationship with Aftershock comics and I am just discovering their books now.

Animosity: The Rise is available now in a comic shop near you! I'm thoroughly pleased with it. The artwork is fresh and has a sort of minimalistic quality. I quite enjoy. There's also a variant cover available from Mike Rooth whom I had the pleasure of meeting at Hal-Con this year.  And you can expect to see issue #5 of Animosity hit shelves this February.