Friday, July 25, 2014

All-New Doop #4 by Peter Milligan

Look how cute!!! I want one!
I've read some negative comments about this mini-series. People calling it pretentious when I thought the whole book was just plain good fun! Thought it was doing a bit of clever mocking and included some Ingmar Bergman references. I suppose people unfamiliar with Bergam's work may be confused by the book in the same way that people often get confused when reading the Sandman series. If they have no background in mythology or Shakespeare things don't make perfect sense. Among other references, Sandman went on for a while.

Me? I thought the series was brilliantly new and fun. I liked hearing Doop speak broken English. This is sort of a Doop origins story. You get to meet Mama Doop and find out why she dislikes her little squishie so much! She blames him for Papa Doop's disappearance. At the end of this issue though, there is a little hint that X-Statix may be coming back with a new series. Wolverines mentions that it's good to see them again and that maybe they should make a come back. Anarchist replies "Maybe we will, maybe we will". I really hope so and I really hope that Allred comes in to do it again. Thoughts? Opinions? I'm excited for the future!

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