Friday, December 28, 2012

"Who is Jake Ellis?"

Written by Nathan Edmonston
Art by Tonci Zonjic

Great, more female characters used for sex and ending up as an innocent by-standard. Oh wait, no.. they weren't innocent because they had sex and that's why they died... right ? right?? Gah.. misogyny or another espionage story, I fail to see the difference any more. Female characters are life-less, characters-less and serve only as plot devices. Maybe I spend too much time focussing on the ways women get portrayed poorly in comics/books/movies, and maybe I should try and highlight more often, where women are portrayed well.. but I suppose I feel as though I shouldn't have to give applause to something I believe should be the norm anyway. But positive re-enforcement.. yeah I get it. I should do that.

Okay, my own inner-moral concious aside, this is story about arguing with oneself... I mean, if you were a former CIA agent that got kidnapped and had your brain torn open and played with and then discovered an imaginary friend who told you how to escape said facility. CLICHE?!?! well let me just repeat a little bit of scripting from the book :

Jon- what are you saying? do you know what happened? did you know-- about Jake?
Dr.- How or why it happened, no, we don't know. But we've been observing you, trying to understand the rather extraordinary case.
Jon- Observing me?
Dr.- You, from afar, Mr. Ellis...from up close.
Jon- Up--? What do you mean?
Dr.- ...But of course, when you went and got youself noticed in Barcelona, we were compelled to try and bring you in ourselves. Before the parent company found you.

Jesus, you mean the door that meant nothing four frames ago, the door that hadn't been in the frame the entire time they were drawing this comic!??! WTF? This door just appeared out of nowhere to solve some poorly written plot issue. Come on, making a door/room appear out of nowhere is not cool.... not cool at all.. where's the lead up? where's the suspense of what hiding behind door # WHATEVER?!!?!?

So who is Jack Ellis?? SPOILER! it's some fucking dude who was part of the same experiment that Jon was involved in except Jack is trapper in Jon's subconscious. wooo... like no one every could have guessed that... sigh.. that's the first volume. I'm not reading the rest. FUCK THAT SHIT. I'M BORED.

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