Sunday, December 23, 2012

Multiple Warheads Issue 2 by Brandon Graham

I love this comic. I LOVE IT. It's basically full of terrible puns and I love a terrible pun!I love that the artist drew Nic's penis'. Yeah, he has two penis' because he's a werewolf.

The back of the comic always has the story continued on it which I appreciate. The comic is also completely devoid of advertising, thank you Image Comics.

At the end there is a cute menu that Nic and Sex look over for a nice hotel, post-apocalyptic meal. I especially like the Poop Steak selection. Description:

"Fine Foods passed through the digestive tract of a happy Girk. After 7 ask nice and we'll serve you the Girk, flitzed, creamed or passed through another Girk."

Luckily, I have the third issue so I'll be getting to read that today. Happy Christmas Amy.

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