Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Walking Dead issue 104

Just finished reading the issue 104 of The Walking Dead. I've been reading this for about??? 3 years?? When did it start? I can't even remember.I love the graphic novel.. I hate the tv series. In fact, I haven't watched past the first season which was a total disappointment. I cannot for the life of me, understand why they changed the whole thing...even if you use the "adapted for tv" excuse, it's still stupid. First off, comics are basically story boards, story boards with script. It's mostly just dialogue. So here we have perfect blocking and dialogue... ITS A STORY BOARD. The Walking Dead has an amazing script (I'm talking about the graphic novel) and a great storyline. Why would we change it ? Why did they add in a new storyline? Why did they change the characters? WHY? I can't answer that question. It's unfathomable for me and I even know that writer Kirkman helped develop the TV series. I'm still confused.

So spoilers??? Um, fucking Carl just tried to take out the leader Negan who runs this gang that strong-arms the supplies from other settlements. I'm pretty sure they take some women on the side with that. Women are objects again in zombie post-apocalyptic Earth... not like we aren't still objects on current reality Earth but I'm told we have some rights that the law chooses to acknowledge from time to time..but I digress..

I love The Walking Dead... fucking love it. Why can't the series be better??

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