Wednesday, December 19, 2012

PLUTO Volume 2

Wow... fuck... wow!! I wanted to cry through most of this volume. The first one left off with our main character meeting Atom (astro boy) for the first time. They have amazing conversations together, and swap memory sticks. Atom gets everything including Geistchs' awful dreams. I don't want to spoil anything.. this leads to only spoilers. I just want to say, I love how HUMAN Atom is drawn. With wispy hair and big doll eyes, plump cheeks. He doesn't look like a robot at all. The emotions drawn into his face are amazing. The scripting... fuck .... so awesome. I finished it and I want the 3rd volume but I have to wait till the library gets it back in. SADDNESS.

Anyway, I apparently curse too much on these blog entries. I will try to correct that.. wait.. NO I WON'T!! Cause that's the way I roll. SUCK IT UP PRINCESS!

Anyway, what I said about the androids in the first volume is still true. The androids, sorry, ROBOTS in this volume are seriously totally emotional. Gesicht becomes astounded by Atom's emotional display and remarks that the boy-robots AI is far superior to his own. Your left wondering "is it? is it really?? or do all robots have the capacity to feel emotion?"

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