Monday, December 3, 2012

"Miss Don't Touch Me" Written by Hubert, Art by Kerascoet

I really liked this translation of the French graphic novel "Miss Pas Touche". When my friend handed it to me, not knowing anything about the novel or artist I exclaimed "oh the art is so French!" and I felt very proud of myself for being correct. If I could pull off a graphic novel, I'd want it to look like Miss Don't Touch Me.
I just love this little murder mystery and it's kinky BDSM story. A live in maid losses her best friend to a flying bullet and ends up tossed on her ass by her madam. She ends up at a brothel in search of evidence to lead her to her dear friends killer. In doing this she ends up a Dominatrix who gets paid to only beat and scold some men that she personally find repulsive.
It was so funny/cute and pretty that I ordered the second volume and hopefully will get my hands on it soon. I had to order it off of Indigo which I don't often do unless its for something I expect to wait a long time for from the local comic shops. I also had a bunch of regular novels I had to order so I just threw it on the lump order.
I read this um.. 2 weeks ago? I loved it, I can't wait to get Volume 2. Sadly, thats where the adventures end for this character I'm afraid.

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