Friday, December 21, 2012

Hellblazer: Highwater by Brian Azzarello

The first 4 issue story arc in this Volume of Hellblazer has John Constantine battling nazi's. SIGH... sigh...sigh... I'm tired of nazi's honestly. But this was the end of the 90's and battling nazi's was kinda in every story somewhere. The story isn't that bad, but I don't care for the whole gangsta angle. I never have really. I can say right now that I do NOT like the way Azzarello writes. He's sexist and he's stupid. Seriously, making nazi's look bad isn't hard and he didn't try hard enough. 

The second story arc was about a burned body found at a bdsm club. Okay so that sounds interesting right? NO! The story is told through the eyes of witnesses that a police detective interviews. They recant some BS about how John Constantine like's to be tortured and as the females tell the story, the detective sexually harasses them and they apparently like it?? WTF. Also, they paint homosexuality really badly in the story. WHAT THE HELL??? GOD! I was told it was a shitty volume, but I expected terrible art and lame conversation. The conversation is LAME but what I take issue with is the complete lack of females characters being anything but vapid whores. Seriously, Azzarello has John picking up prostitutes and treating them like shit.  Even the female detective acts like a depraved sex kitten. The whole thing just gave me a really bad taste in my mouth. 
SIGH.. don't read it.

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