Thursday, December 4, 2014

Wolf Moon #1

I really wonder about Vertigo lately. I am absolutely lost on how they make their choices publishing wise. Why did they choose this? Okay let me argue my point here since it's my blog and I can do, say whatever I like. Here's my opinion of this issue/story: Mediocre.

Before you jump down my throat let me remind you that mediocre is not bad. It's just not what I consider worth reading on a regular basis. When you follow as many titles as I do, you need to start drawing the line somewhere. Mediocre falls to the wayside.

When you are trying to attract the attention of avid comic book fans, you need to stand out. You need to offer us something that MAKES us NEED more. You see, this is a much harder task than the less comic-obsessed people of the world understand. It's not a one time commitment like purchasing a novel. It's a monthly commitment. Creators have to makes us want to either call up our local shop and immediately add it to the subscription box or at the very least make enough of an impression that we grab the next issue from the shelf when it arrives. That sounds easy in theory but it's not. In 2014 I have added only a eighth of the new series I have read to my monthly subscription (and that has to be an overstatement. I probably add much less in retrospect). I most likely read more new and original material than anyone not paid to read comics. I just eat that shit for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Sometimes I make love to it. Okay well... not that last part. You get the idea.

Getting back to my point here, Wolf Moon DID NOT leave a lasting impression. I did not care about the main character and the fact that he left his plot-device-of-a-wife, at home while he went to go hunt werewolves. I was kinda hoping he was going to die. He didn't.. like I said, he turned out to be the main character. I'm a horror fan people. I love werewolves, heck I wish I was one. This ? This was boring. As far as esthetically pleasing, I really only liked the art of the last two pages. Something about seeing a dissected person flayed open on a mattress... OMG I'M JOKING!

What can I say, thank god it's just a mini series? Jae Lee is responsible for the awesome cover by the way. That's probably the best part.You know, it's too bad because I really liked Jeremy Haun's work on Darkness. I'm just not into it here. Cullen Bunn's work on Empty Man I had issues with but I still enjoy the overall story because it's dark and twisted. This doesn't feel dark and twisted. SIGH. It's not awful. It's just mediocre and I won't be grabbing issue two.

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