Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Valiant #1

I grabbed this yesterday of course due to the fact that it was written by Jeff Lemire. Long time fan raising her hand over in this corner. Although most people are more familiar with his work on Animal Man, I know him best from his own works: Sweet Tooth, Essex County, Trillium, The Nobody, Underwater Welder, etc. The list really is quite long. So it's only natural I grab this. Although unfortunately not illustrated by Lemire, Paolo Rivera is exceptional and is the perfect fit for the tone in book.

These floppies come out with a card stock front and back. Much sturdier than your average floppy. Can you call a floppy deluxe? I will. It's deluxe. I believe it's referred to as prestige actually, I'm calling it deluxe. Dare to be different. Please excuse my inner dialogue. I dunno why I let it run rampant all over my reviews.

So the story, that's what you are probably wondering about. It's about a battle that has gone on for centuries between a dark force and the Geomancers. Sadly the Geomancers don't protect themselves. It's up to a lone immortal warrior to ensure their safety. He also hasn't been that successful in the past and every time that the evil takes the life of another Geomancer, a dark age plagues humanity. Eventually the light returns and the cycle repeats itself. In a hyper-technological age, our warrior prepares once again to protect the new Geomancer from destruction. Oh and this time the Geomancer is a woman. So that's kind of interesting right?

As far as first issues go, this one is all set-up. That's not a bad thing. We even get a little insight into the character who is burdened with the role of Geomancer. This is something Lemire is always good at. Letting us know a bit about the inner workings of his characters. I can always trust that I'm going to receive good character background when reading one of his stories. It's like a sure thing for me. This series is intended to be limited to four issues. I wonder what surprises are in store. It can't just be a simple good wins over evil story here.

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