Thursday, December 4, 2014

Humans #2

As promised at the end of the first issue, a lost member of The Humans finds his way back to them. But what did he bring back with him from the war in Vietnam? That's right I said Vietnam.

Firstly, I need to come right out and say that I love the coloring in this issue just as much as the first. Kristina Collantes has really made this book pop. The cover really caught my eyes again on the comic book shelf and with spread like this :

Who can complain? The blue and orange here? Fricken awesome. Of course I cannot spend my time talking up Collantes part here. Tom Neely has really impressed me (as usual) with the unique facial expressions developed for the apes in this one. As I've been told by many an artist, emotion can be difficult to convey when drawing animals, even anthropomorphic ones. Of course one could argue it's far easier to pull off with apes than say dogs...but I don't feel like arguing. There is a range of complex emotions drawn on the faces of the apes in this issue. Johnny's expression range from stoic to absolute rage. It's clear from his expressions that more came home with him from the war than we yet know. This is of course hinted on the last page in a closing message... and a big ass monkey porno picture. It kinda make me spit. I dunno it's just something about Monkey porn, it's just gets me giggling. I kinda wish it could be the cover. You will have to pick up the issue to check it out.

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