Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Royal Jelly: Top Picks for Dec 17th

Rumble #1
Manifest Destiny #12
Wytches #3
The Kitchen #2
Sandman Overture #4
Annihilator #4

Dream Logic  (David Mack)

Saga Vol #4

My pull list is a little small this week but everything on it is fantastic! I've been dying to read the next chapter in The Kitchen and it's been months since we've seen a Sandman issue! The sale date was apparently back in July!

From Image we have a fantastic new series called Rumble, the full details of which are just below this post. You can read my full review spoiler free! If by now you haven't picked up Manifest Destiny then you're probably absolutely boring and we shouldn't be friends...  just kidding! But in all seriousness, have you read Manifest Destiny yet? Issue 12 is out this week. It's the most adventurous, silly monster fun out there. I absolutely love it. Go grab the trade and catch up on the series will you! Wytches comes at us with issue #3 which has been slightly delayed, only by a week. I'll be grabbing that one.

Image Comics also releases two trades tomorrow. You can finally get your hands on Krampus! Just in time for Christmas. You can read my exclusive interview with writer Brian Joines RIGHT HERE!

As well for all you trade waiters, Saga Vol 4 is finally hitting the stands. I of course collect the trades and the singles because... "I'm crazy".  I sort of wish that had chosen a different cover for this trade. It wasn't my favorite issue cover.

You may have noticed that I've listed only one hard cover. It's a collection of new original stories from the Dream Logic series by David Mack. Some interesting images in that one for certain. If you are a fan Gaiman at all you'll probably recognize the artwork. There is also a lovely gallery in the book as well as "making of" bit on the Tarot Card set. In my opinion this would make a great xmas gift for the difficult to buy for graphic novel nerd.

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