Monday, December 22, 2014

Royal Jelly: Top Picks for December 24th

Just because it's Christmas eve, doesn't mean the comic book world is going to hold the printing press. There are tons of amazing titles out on December 24th! So many in fact that it was really difficult for me to compile my personal list. I have already read a few of these titles so you should check back tomorrow for the advanced reviews!

Saviors #1
Nightbreed #8
Colder: Badseed #3
Bodies #6
Arkham Manor #3
Rasputin #3
They're Not Like Us #1

Lucifer TP Vol 5
Dark Engine Vol 1

Mentionables: She-Hulk #11, All New X-Men Annual, Logan's Legacy #7 (of 7), Black Science #11

In case you were wondering, Mentionables are items that I mention but am not necessarily going to purchase myself at the moment. Generally this is because I started late in the series and got into the trades (which I don't do often, and I have a HUGE problem with not having a complete set of singles in one series). Although I really wish I had started reading She-Hulk from day one, I sadly did not. It's taken me a long time to warm up to any Marvel comics again... besides Silver Surfer which took no thought at all and was a must.

Keep your eyes peeled for reviews tomorrow! That's all folks! Happy Holidays!

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