Friday, October 3, 2014

Thor #1

Fiona Staples Variant Cover
ARGH you don't get to meet the new Thor. I mean, she shows up at then end but it doesn't have any more detail than that which is sort of disappointing. There is however, an excellent tie up of all the chaos surrounding the unworthy Thor. There's some sexist sort of bickering between Gods but I'm going to assume it's because they're old fashioned and sexist. Thor's mother however is very much standing her ground to her husband's force and she speaks freely so I'm not certain sexist is the right terms. It's a good foreshadowing for the awesome woman power that is about to come I think. Nice lead in.

What do you think of all these variant covers? I'm absolutely in love with Fiona Staples cover and of course that's the one I got my hands on! OOO it's so lovely. I am a little bias because I really love Fiona Staples work as many people have come to do since the birth of Saga.

I feel I should do a big shout out to my friend Nev's for his review on this issue. He addresses more of the reaction to this whole Thor as a woman thing that has sparked ignorant, mysoginistic comments like nothing else in the comic book world can. Read Nev's take on this HERE.

Is it wrong that I sort of felt too intelligent to entertain the trolls about why the role of Thor will be played by a woman for a while? I keep thinking back to Superman's Death. Look how long that lasted... like 2 years? Maybe my marketing background has made me callous to these types of things. Superman's Death was really successful for the franchise. I think Thor as a woman has served it's purpose as well. Hey, it's the first Thor comic I've read in about ... omg... like 5 years or something?

From a feminist standpoint, I'm elated that there's a new female hero and I hope her character is as strong and positive as us feminists all hope her to be. Maybe I'm getting too jaded to the MRA pandering and misogyny of internet trolls and comic book fans. I've had my fair share of it over the years. I didn't feel like entertaining the ridiculous accusations, theories and delusional comments that surmounted over the threat of female Thor. It actually made me laugh/cry for how ridiculous the comments on the twitter-sphere and elsewhere had become. They haven't stopped either.

 At any rate, rather than get into it further I urge you to read Nev's article and read this excellent comic. I really enjoyed this first issue and loved the artwork which I wasn't 100% sure on until I picked up the issue.

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