Thursday, April 18, 2013


So I got up to a little no good today. Okay, okay I confess! I ordered 3 books from Indigo online. But you don't understand! It was so cheap and they didn't charge me shipping! I swear I'll never do it again... okay maybe I can't swear on that, but when I've got local stores jacking up the price on books I order by 4 dollars a trade paper, a girls gotta do what a poor student's gotta do to buy a few books.

No I'm not proud of what I did but since I've been waiting over 6 weeks for Nausicaa and The Valley of The Wind, and still waiting on the last volume of Junji Ito's Uzamaki, I take comfort in knowing that for no additional charge I will have in my possession by the end of the month, the following titles:

Osamu Tezuka's Princess Knight Volume 2
Osamu Tezuka's The Book Of Human Insects
Berserk Volume 4!

What have I done?? well, the library doesn't have everything I want and I'm tired of waiting on Strange and Quantum. I bought from the big bad, small business eating company. Sigh. Now for god's sake stores, get my order in sometime this month.

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