Friday, April 5, 2013

Eden: Volume 3 by Hiroki Endo

I read this today on my ferry ride home! That`s right, I get to take a boat to and from work! And you thought your life was great because you had a car! I get to take a boat on the ocean man! Okay, okay...

I finally picked up a few copies of Eden and got to dig in despite research papers and bad poetry assignments by long deceased authors. Eden is action packed. It`s probably the only action oriented manga that I believe would translate well on the screen. In this issue they introduced a mechanical monster which reminds me horribly of Junji Ito`s body gore. I should not say that it`s horrible. It`s actually absolutely fantastic, in my small opinion. These monster-humanoids have mechanical stretching arms that remind me of Junji Ito`s The Woman Next Door. (If you haven`t read that short-story Manga then do it!) Anyway, they haven`t alluded much to the fact of whether or not these creatures use to be human. Many of the characters in Eden have been souped up with all kinds of mechanical implants. This is the future folks. LOL.  I don`t like the character who sits on the cover you. She`s a 40 year old who`s brain has been implanted into that of a 14 year old... and she tends to be semi naked much of the time... She`s also cybernetic.

What I can say that I like about this particular volume, is the flash-backs. The author has taken the time to give us a little history about a couple of the characters he intends to kill off. I won`t spoil it by telling you which ones. At least we get a little glimpse of what their life was like before they all crossed paths and ended up on the battle field fighting only for their own survival and freedom.

I will finish reading all of Eden. I only wish Darkhorse would catch up with the releases in Japan....

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