Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Genesis by Nathan Edmundson & Alison Sampson

Writer Nathan Edmundson
Artist Alison Sampson

Adam is involved in a terrible accident which leaves him with the ability to manifest his thoughts into form. Whatever Adam thinks WILL happen. His world changes with the slightest passing thought. People clamber over themselves to visit the man who ended world hunger, but not everything is a blessing. Not every thought is positive.

Genesis was released this month as a one-shot deal with Image Comics. Artist Alison Sampson's work is full of whimsy and movement. The images practically move about the page. The 65 page book feels like a dream. The illustrations remain beautiful throughout, despite the destruction of Adam's world. I was luck enough to chat with Alison Sampson yesterday and I hope to have some feedback on a few questions so please stay tuned for that! I personally, only picked this book up because of the artwork. I didn't care what the story was about. The artwork spoke to me. I wish that happened more often. It called to me like the work of Paul Pope or Nicolas Nemiri. I had to get it.

For $6.99 this trade paper can be yours and at this price, it's a steal.

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