Sunday, August 18, 2013

Monster: Volume 2 by Naoki Urasawa

By now you should know that my favorite manga artist is Junji Ito but what you may not have picked up on is that my second favorite is Naoki Urasawa. I know, I know, these are two very different writer/artists. I like them for different reasons. You can't argue that Junji Ito isn't the king of body gore and his psychological thrillers are truly disturbing. I love it. No one can argue that Urasawa's Pluto isn't amazingly drawn, set-up and imagined. It's deep, moving and thought provoking while maintaining a steady pave for drama vs action. It just so happens that Ito's artwork is more up my alley because well, it's full of body gore which I love. It's as thought I'm watching a 1980's animatronic filled horror movie! Ah, the days when special effects in movies were organic and awesome.

Monster is proving to be as wonderfully entertaining and moving as Pluto. I find it interesting that  Urasawa immediately gave away the killers identity and still managed to make the story suspenseful and addictive. Thanks to my co-worker Meaghan, I get to read this whole series as she is loaning them to me! You'll see a lot more posts about my love affair with Urasawa's work.

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