Saturday, April 27, 2013

Savage Wolverine Issue #4 *SPOILERS*

Writer & Artist Frank Cho

I love Savage Wolverine. I think I love everything about it. I like Shanna because she kicks ass and doesn't take any guff off the likes of Wolverine or anyone else for that matter. In this issue she becomes bonded with the Savage Land as she is brought back to life by the sap of the man-thing (yeah that's what it's called). It's a big tree thing... I believe it only exists in the Savage Land. This bonding means that Shanna is alive as long as the Savage Land is in existence. Oh and she has the strength of ten men (apparently the strength of ten women wouldn't be impressive enough?? I kid).

I even like Amadeus who is an arrogant little prick but happens to almost always be right so we'll let it him and suit have hysterical conversations. The tribesmen he is suddenly made the "god" of, are full of comedy relief..well just the chief mainly. He's always going on about his spirit guide... a beaver.

If you like giant apes and Wolverine's inability to always think before he acts, then you'll love this. Plus, I like seeing Shanna spear Wolverine. It's really fun.

AND---- I LOVE LOVE LOVE the artwork. As always the cover is killer.

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