Thursday, April 11, 2013

American Vampire Volume 2

American Vampire has captured the horror-loving side of my heart. I just love Pearl and yet, I adore her ex-best friend Hattie. They are enemies now of course, since Hattie betrayed Pearl in Volume 1. I don't care, I like both of them. Why???? Well, they are both female and they are both survivors. I love a survivor. Granted Hattie is less of a survivor since she's hell-bent on exacting vengeance on Pearl (which I don't think is fair since even-steven would mean that Hattie wouldn't be alive). At any rate, I really love both of the characters.

Sweet, is a character I wish to know more about. We get little glimpses of his expansive past. Literally, he's so old, that I feel the need to know more and more.

Just to catch you up a bit, American Vampire operates on the premise that the world is full of different species of vampires. Some can walk during the day, some have special abilities.. it's evolution baby. Uh oh, now I'm thinking "Do the Evolution" by Pearl Jam.. wtf?

All in all, can't wait to get volume 3. I hope they release this series in a big hard cover edition. I'm already mad that I started purchasing the trade papers of The Walking Dead 3 years ago, now that there is a beautiful hard cover edition available. DAMN!

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