Wednesday, April 1, 2015

UFOlogy #1

So you probably remember me talking about this because Alison Sampson did a special variant cover. It's hidden among every 100 issues but also randomly placed so any shop could end up with a copy. Boom has been doing a lot of interesting things. It's their celebration of 10 years of Boom. Apart from fun covers they've also been releasing some really awesome new series. UFOlogy comes out today. Writers James Tynion IV & Noah J Yuenkel along with artist Matt Fox bring us a story centers around a young Becky Finch and peer Malcolm Chamber. The two are pulled into an extra-terrestrial mystery when Becky is marked by an alien.

What I like most about this issue is the coloring. It takes full advantage of soft purples setting a tone for mystery and keeping you well aware of the limitless space around us at all times. Fox really brings the characters to life with his skillful hand. I love the facial expression within each subtle interaction. The playfulness of both Malcolm and Becky actually reminded me largely of the Finder series by Carla Speed McNeil. I suppose I could be a little bias but I see a strong resemblance within the pictures as well.

Over-all I found this issue to be emotional and action-packed. A solid beginning all around which gives us a little of who the characters are, how they got where they are, some action thrown in there to drive us forward, with a little longing for a mystery solved. You are really going to enjoy this change of pace from my regular recommendations. Enjoy!

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