Friday, April 10, 2015

All-New Hawkeye #2

I said I would keep you updated on Jeff Lemire's Hawkeye run, so I'm making good. Turns out of course that Lemire can't leave creepy alone. You know that awkward, squishy feeling you get in your chest when you see something just not quite right... like deformed children hooked up to machines for GOD ONLY KNOWS WHAT. Maybe I'm the only one who gets that feeling but it happened with Sweet Tooth and it's happening now with Descender. Looks like Hawkeye is making me feel the same way. Awkward squishy.

There's a lot less of Aja's style in this issue. Most of the issue focuses on flashbacks from Clint's childhood which become relevant to present day. Therefore Ramon Perez's watercolor floods the pages. This style fits the tone of the flashbacks as memories flood over Clint while he struggles to find Kate and these mysterious science-experiment-freak-kids. Innocent as they are assumed to be, I'm going to er on the side of caution and assume they are CHUDs...because they look like CHUDS.

On a whole other plus side, have you taken a good look at this cover? Is it not awesome!? There is a frog!!! Seriously loving this rosy pink. It's like a color from the sky before twilight. What's that saying? "Pink sky in the morning, sailors take warning. Pink Sky at night, sailors delight." It's the dawn of new and dangerous adventures for Hawkeye as we say goodnight to Fractions run.

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