Monday, April 6, 2015

Royal Jelly: April 8 2015

So I'm back from my mini vacation over the holiday. This is my last day at home fixing up my new place and organizing my comics to look just the way my OCD requires. I thought I'd give you my pull list to break my silence. It's worth mentioning that Convergence #1 of everything comes out this week and that I'm not going to list them all but that every shop will be flooded with them so you shouldn't have any problems getting the ones you want.

Tales of the Reanimator #1 (of 4)
Descender #2
Jupiter's Circle #1
Saga #27
The Walking Dead #140
All-New Hawkeye #2
Old Wounds #1

Last Man Volume #1

First I want to mention that Last Man is one of my favorite French series and I couldn't be happier that First Second is releasing it for the first time in English! Please check out my interview with creator Balak to learn about this amazing book if you are not already in the know.

Next up Pop Goes the Icon! is releasing John Biven's work Old Wounds. He's mentioned that this project began before Dark Engine. It's very interesting to see the contrast here where Old Wounds is black and white.

From Marvel we are continuing with the All-New Hawkeye. I got to talk to artist Ramon Perez about the first issue. Check that out here.

From Image we have our favorites with Saga #27, and The Walking Dead #140. Jeff Lemire's story or artificial intelligence continues with Descender #2. Mark Millar has a new spin-off out to keep us company until the next story arc for Jupiter's Legacy is released. Make sure you check out Jupiter's Circle. Review coming soon! I'm going for Goran Parlov's cover!

Lastly I wanted to mention that for all you horror fans like me, the Reanimator is back in comic form! Check out this four part mini series called Tales of the Reanimator! Can't wait to see what this 80's horror throwback has to offer me!

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