Thursday, April 30, 2015

Rumble #5

There are so many awesome things going on in comics right now but 99% of it is happening on the side lines of the big two. My favorite series are coming out of Darkhorse, Image and Boom Studios, smattered across a myriad of smaller labels. Rumble is on that list of favorites. John Arcudi and James Harren make such a amazing duo. Harren's artwork suits the story so completely that I just can't imagine this story existing in any other form. There are always so many books where I feel the artist and writer lacked an understand for each other. Perhaps communication errors because the story and the illustrations felt so disconnected; as if you were reading two separate books.

Rumble is the  ultimate supernatural action series with just the right amount of witty comedy. I'm always shocked and thrilled whenever physical comedy is pulled off in a comic. It's a sign of a truly gifted illustrator. Arcudi writes these perfect moments which you can see translating to film very easily because it's relying completely on physical movement and circumstances. There's a subtly to it and Harren gets it spot on.

As for where this story has gone, I've come to really enjoy Rathraq more than I thought I would. Who would have thought a giant warrior scarecrow could be so endearing? More-so than that, I really enjoy this world of demons and gods. It has more fun than the average story and sometimes reminds me of Vertigo's Lucifer series. I keep remembering a specific little gargoyle character but I read Lucifer so long ago his name escapes me. At any rate, you should check out Rumble as this issue wraps up the first story arc. Great time to get onboard.

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