Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Bee and Puppycat Issue #1 by Natasha Allegri

A journey in mediocrity. I hate giving books bad reviews. I actually hate it. The trouble is, I am very honest and the trouble with this story, is nothing stood out. Not the artwork, not the story, nothing. I was immediately worried about Cartoon Hangover's webisode turned comic book because the show relies heavily on the physical and auditory comedy. Most of the lines are only funny because of the delivery of the voice actors. Most of the plot is only funny due to timing and ridiculous animation. I was always a big fan of Bee and Puppycat. I died laughing after watching the first webisode on youtube. I had to watch it again immediately after. Unfortunately this wasn't the case with this less than intriguing comic. 

I don't normally pick up television series spin-off comics due to the fact that they are usually just a really awful money grab. I learned my lesson after trying to read season 8 of Buffy. I thought maybe Bee and Puppycat would be a safe bet, or at least had some potential. Saddness. 

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