Monday, May 26, 2014

And Then Emily Was Gone #1 by John Lees

Cover by Ian Laurie
 I love horror comics. Anyone who reads my blog knows that. Something I do that's bad? I judge a book by it's cover OFTEN. When John Lees told me about his new book, I was teased for several days after looking up the cover art. He was waiting for issue 1 to be finalized and I was just waiting for a copy because frankly, the cover looked exactly like my type of comic. There are two covers to be exact. The first one I saw was drawn by the Ian Laurie who illustrated the story.

And Then Emily was Gone is a missing persons story with a twist. A young girl is missing and her best friend tracks down a deranged detective to help her. The detective, lets call him the defective detective, sees monsters. He sees them all over and they don't stop appearing until Emily's best friend shows up on his doorstep.Together they must figure out what happened to Emily.

The first issue of this story debut's in July distributed through Diamond but to ensure you get your copy, request order code MAY141251 at your local comic book store! You can expect four more issues to follow as a monthly release. 
Cover by Riley Rossmo

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