Monday, December 9, 2013

Trillium Issue # 5 by Jeff Lemire

Jeff Lemire must have a real appreciation for paper as a medium for comics because I can't see this layout working well for digital copies of the issue. What has he done? He has placed the first half of the comic on the top 50% of each page of the comic. Once you reach the end, you flip it upside down and read backwards to the beginning on other 50% of the page. It's kind of charming really, but only if you have a paper copy. I can see this being more annoying than cute in digital format.

Medium and impractical layout aside, this was a really interesting issue. For all the flipping of the physical book that one must go through, our dear characters have flipped lives. They have been swapped through time! Each of them realized something is amiss and struggles to figure it out.

This issue seemed awfully short. I really can't figure out what shall happen next but time-travel is one of my favorite devices.

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