Friday, December 13, 2013

Hinterkind Issue #1 by Ian Edginton

Written by Ian Edginton
Art by Francesco Trifogli

I was excited about this after I read the premise. Post-apocalyptic Earth, humans forced to hide from the dominant species...monsters, faerie, giants..etc. I liked the idea of humans running around central park hunting zebras (That's what happens in the first scene). I'm not completely impressed. The artwork is a little mediocre. It's not awful, it;s just a little lack-luster.

What will probably make me purchase issue 2, is that one of human heroes has suddenly grown a tail! That's Angus, poor guy. It's a mystery that our heroes intend to solve. To be honest I dunno what the lead female characters' name is. I kept looking for it but I couldn't find it lol. Maybe I'm just crazy but I couldn't even google it.

Little highlight: weird-ass unicorn that speaks and also has blood all over it's mouth. I laughed!

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