Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Upcoming Posts and such.

I haven't felt much like reviewing this week and I took a short break from interviews. Sometimes you need to step back and just absorb. I hate when my blog begins to feel like work so I decided to take a step back, catch up on some back reading and not worry so much about pushing out content. That being said, I have a lot planned for this upcoming release week. I will be focusing more on new releases with an emphasis on books that are coming out in the near future. There are also many books which have already been released that I intend to solidly review.

I will of course be bringing more interviews but for a while I was delivering two to three interviews a week and just running out of steam trying to keep track of them all, time their posting and make sure I heard back from all the artists I contacted. It's summer now and I'm swamped at my day job, steadily trying to keep up with comic news and trying to enjoy a little of the summer in between that. So keep reading ! I will have a lot of articles coming! :D

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