Thursday, June 25, 2015

E is for Extinction #1

I'm trying to recall if I have actually read anything written by Chris Burnham. Actual scripting, I'm familiar with his artwork but have I actually read anything he's written? This can't be his first is it? Yet when I search for relevant work I can only find pieces he's been accredited as illustrator. At any rate, I actually liked his writing style. It was kinda loose and wild. It had the appropriate silliness of any insane X-story and wasn't wrought with drama and panels of concerned looks. You know what I'm talking about.

Actually speaking of the artwork, I love it. It's so not your typical X-comic with perfect bodies. The fact that Scott Summer and Emma Frost are aged is actually pretty awesome while none of the new mutants are bodacious super models, also pretty awesome. In fact, in this world you almost get more attention by wearing your muty face proudly. It's like the more mutated you are on the outside, the more popular you are. Kinda. Getting back to the point, I really love this art. I haven't really seen his work before but he apparently had done a run of Young Avengers around this time last year. I'm putting Ramon Villalobos on my radar as someone to watch.

I dug into the limited reaches of the Marvel website to see if they would tell me how many issues this mini series is supposed to be. All I could dig up was that the second issue is out July 8th. I sort of feel like this is just a two parter although if it ends up being a bit longer, I won't mind ;)


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