Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Royal Jelly: Feb 4th 2015

Cluster #1
Feathers #2
Hellboy and BPRD #3
Lady Killer #2
Names #6
Namesless #1
Saga #25
Wytches #4
Annihilator #5
Return of the Living Deadpool #1
Wolverines #5


Mentionables: Hawkeye #21, Star Wars #2

WOAH look at this week!!! I'm going to be reading in bed forever! In all seriousness though we've got some hits in here. Image and Boom are rocking it! So here's some of the skinny on this week's picks:

There's a gorgeous art book hitting the stands today in form of a record! Oh it only looks like a record but it's actually a beautiful rock and roll inspired look book. Italian illustrator and designer Matteo De Longis shows off his skills that he himself coins as "dream design". These punk rock divas are gritty and sexy. Vox will remind of a little of Suicide Girls with the electric instrumental influence in each portrait. Check out more about Vox HERE.

Writer Ed Brisson (Sons of Anarchy) and illustrator Damian Couceiro bring us Cluster #1, a new on-going series from Boom Studios! It claims to be off-world, hardcore action. Even more exciting about this, is that James Stokoe is responsible for the cover art! Check out my advanced review HERE. Also from Boom Studios imprint Archaia, we have the exciting second chapter of Feathers! I loved issue 1 and it was so exciting to see something new that could appeal to an audience of all ages. If you have no read Feathers, you best correct yourself today!

That busy nut Grant Morrison is still at it with Annihilator #5 but the story is almost to a close as this limited series ends with issue 6 next month! If you were super sad about that, don't worry, Morrison has teamed up with Chris Burnham (he's done so much Batman) to bring you a new monthly series from Image Comics entitled Nameless! Stay tuned for my advanced review.

Image brings us a lot more Saga, and Wytches while Darkhorse brings us the continuation of Lady Killer and Hellboy and The BPRD. Both of which I'm frankly, completely in love with.

From Marvel this month we have the long waited return of Hawkeye with issue 21 finally hitting the stands. A goodie to pick up is new limited series Return of the Living Deadpool. This one is written by Cullen Bunn who is no stranger to Deadpool comics. You should also read my interview with artist Nicole Virella HERE if you haven't already. You Star Wars fans also needn't be reminded but #2 of the original Star Wars story is out this week too!

All in all, I think we've got a lot of reading to do this week. Don't you?

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