Friday, August 8, 2014

Spread #2 by Justin Jordan & Kyle Strahm

At the distributor level, bother issues 1 and 2 have sold out! It's easy to sell out of a first issue but it happens less often that people come back for that second issue. Some people forget a month later, and some people just feel "meh". It's nice to see things have a strong start. I hope it keeps up the momentum.

For a critical look at issue 1, please see my review here. Spread continues to be action packed in this second issue. You can believe what you see on the cover! It will not mislead you. I have mixed emotions about the crazy slave women with the lactating breasts. It's obvious she had lost her baby either to the elements or perhaps if was taken away from her sold by one of the slavers. At any rate, there she is conveniently enough.

Let me state right here that I'm a big fan of this artwork. I love the style and although the coloring is absolutely different from my usual favs, I'd love to see him do something on Prophet. I really enjoy his character design. During hostile invasion, we're not all beautiful ha! Certainly no one in this story looks their best, well except for one person but you'll see him on page one.

I'm going to continue to read Spread. I'm anxious to see where it goes. I know a lot of movies pop into my head, Mad Max and Waterworld to name a few, but maybe this story is really about to blow up. Let's see.

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