Thursday, August 28, 2014

Attack on Titan: Before the Fall #2

I wasn't 100% I was going to keep reading this because it appeared that the female character served as a plot device to merely enhance the male characters journey but I decided not to be too judgmental after one volume. Sadly I think that there is just as much fan service in this book as the first one...

I liked the whole idea of a "son of titans" plot. I despise the appearance and personality of the aristocratic Sharle. She is the subject of so much fan service with her distressing little doll act. As a noble she's used to being a pawn to be married off for her family's gain but she's also incredibly useless. They've basically made her as defenseless as possible and so she is quickly left behind the safety of the walls and left out of the story the moment her and the titans son break free of the guilded cage.

I almost want to read the next volume specifically to complain about it. Or maybe they will have a female character worth of the Attack on Titan franchise like many of the awesome female characters of the original series. I guess I'll just have to shrug it off. Good thing volume 13 of the original series is available as of yesterday!

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