Monday, June 24, 2013

One of Those Update Things

I thought I’d give you a little update on what I’ll be reviewing this month! My intention is to post at least every second day, if not EVERY day. I have a few things on order from the Library and some things I purchased a few weeks back but didn’t get to read yet. The list includes Psyren Volume 4, Elfquest, Naussicaa and the Valley of the wind, Naruto, Osamu Tezuka’s Princess Knight Volume 2,  Book of Human Insects  and some Daniel Clowes. Also a few things I am currently reading :  Daniel Clowe’s The Death Ray, Psyren Volume 3, King of the Flies Volume 1 Hallorave.
It’s really kind of all over the place isn’t it? My comic book interests are almost as sporadically nonsensical as my music consumption, which is all over the place honestly. What can I say, I like to try out a little of everything! Although, just like with my music interests, I definitely know what I do and don’t like in the comic book world. There’s tons and tons of music out there that I can’t fucking stand but as far as genres go, I’m all over the place – blues, metal, post-punk, new wave, industrial, indie-rock.. indie blah blah.. classic rock, hardcore, grind, core this and that---you know how it goes with the obnoxious invention of music genres. I think that label I hate the most is Shoegaze.. not because I don’t like the actual music, I just hate that fucking word. Shoegaze?? Oh come on… it’s fucking indie rock… a bunch of hipsters who listened to too much shiny Brit pop…. Oh jesus, look I’ve gotten way off topic and started ranting. I will stop before I get too deep into it. Hmm kinda looks like I’m already a good paragraph in. Ah well. Keep reading your comics folks J

 One last thing: More Junji Ito posts to come. The picture above is of course, another one of Junji Ito's little gems.

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