Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Royal Jelly: Queen's Top Picks for Release Day Aug 20th

Hiya! I got my list of this weeks top picks! These are the items I am most looking forward to that are being released tomorrow.  So let's start with the lists:
Harley Quin #0
The Empty Man #3
Eye of Newt #3
Dark Engine #2
Fade Out # 1
Manifest Destiny #9

Trade Paperbacks 
Attack on Titan: After the Fall vol #2
Lucifer Book Four

So a lot of these you are probably familiar with me reviewing monthly. Manifest Destiny has been a big ticket for me now going on ten months. Action packed, crazy adventure! Always a great cliff hanger. I was very lucky to interview Chris Dingess last month. You can read that interview HERE.

You may have noticed Harley Quinn on that list. DC is releasing a second pressing of the special so if you didn't get it in June, now is your chance. I'll be grabbing a copy because I missed it. The special has an all-star cast with Paul Pope and Sam Kieth thrown in there. Dunno how the heck I missed that one.

Fade Out is a much anticipated new series from Ed Brubaker and artist Sean Phillips which is going to replace Fatal for a lot of people. Fatal having just ended last week. If you're morning the loss of your favorite Brubaker series, like my friend Kelly then you should pick up Fade Out. The variant cover is especially amazing.

Dark Engine I want to mention because it's one of the most exciting new series for myself. I had interviewed artist John Bivens last month. He is one of my favorite artists currently. The first volume screamed of Heavy Metal Magazine and I am going to frame every damn cover. You have to be reading Dark Engine. Check out my interview with Bivens HERE.

Under trades you'll notice the Lucifer Book Four. Vertigo has slowly been re-releasing the Lucifer series in larger collected trades. They're beautifully done and on lovely paper. A little tip, they are substantially cheaper on Indigo right now than anywhere else. You can get the volumes for 20-21 dollars while you'll find them 10 to 15 dollars more in stores. If you are a fan of the Sandman Series and fantastic writer Mike Carey (also writer of terrific Hellblazer) then Lucifer is the next place to go. Especially if you've read your way through the rest of Gaiman's Sandman series and spin-offs.

The last one pick of the week which I'm only sort of excited about, is the spin-off prequel to Attack on Titan called Before the Fall. I am reading it because I've read all the Attack on Titan available but I wasn't head over heels for this one. It's very much written and illustrated the way a typical mass marketed manga traditionally is done. Female characters are over the top doll like and pander to what must be the fantasies of teenage boys. I'm only guessing. Yet I'll read it anyway in hopes that there might be some important and interesting story in there somewhere.

 That's the jelly! What are you most looking forward to?

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