Thursday, August 28, 2014

Pop #1 by Copland & Pires

This was on my Royal Jelly list for this week. Despite not being able to walk, I was actually able to grab my Jelly from a comic book store last night! When I got home I started with this one. The cover is incredible. I love the yellow and pink. Dylan Todd did an awesome job. Artist Jason Copland named "Creator to watch for 2014" by  does a throwback to early comics. There is an incredible vintage look to his work here that is just so appealing to me. Despite being a futuristic story about growing and creating celebrity, it has a fantastic timeless quality. It's so refreshing to see something like this from Darkhorse right now.

The story begins with a run-a-way celebrity who just "hatched" you could say. She wasn't ready though and the authorities are looking for her! She luckily run into an unsuspecting male. This is all kind of typical but I think that's the point. Essentially the story makes a satire of modern pop culture, which really isn't all that hard. In a way, pop culture is already grown and cultivated by a series of lead decision makers but they don't happen to be people in test tubes. Well, not that we know of.

I think I'm most sad that this is only going to be four issues long. I really hope that Darkhorse employs Jason Copland a lot more in the future. Darkhorse, this is a really good look for you.

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