Monday, November 2, 2015

The Walking Dead SO FAR... *SPOILERS*

I know you're probably more concerned with what's going on with the television series. I'm not so much! I'm STILL reading The Walking Dead and I'm actually pretty happy with the current plot. WHY?!?!? You may be asking....

I was horribly upset with Walking Dead last year. I was sooo tired of Neagan. He became the LAMEST bad guy. He stayed around way too long and didn't appear to change, grow or enhance the story. He was just this maniac and sadly, he's STILL around as a prisoner in Rick's basement. For a little while it seemed like he was going to try and get to Rick by talking to Carl. That didn't really come to fruition which is just as well and the last few months it's seemed that Neagan has been mostly forgotten. 

Speaking of Carl, I'm actually enjoying teenage Carl. I didn't think I was going to because teenagers annoy most children but his new crush pretty much got me back into the story. I mean, not her exactly, but her background. Carl falls of a skinwalker. If you don't know what that is all about, it actually has nothing to do with the native american legends. It's has everything to do with nomadic people who dress in zombie skins. It's how they stay alive. We've seen Rick's group use zombie blood to conceal themselves in tricky situations. These are perhaps the most interesting group of people that we've encountered. The only thing I really don't care for, is the leader Alpha. She really lacks logic and I don't understand why she feels so threatened by Rick's civilization. I mean, she's basically just insane like every other "leader" Rick has had to deal with. 

So once again, Rick is gearing up for another war. He's protecting his settlement from more crazy people who seek to destroy it although the motivations for doing so aren't exactly clear. That's what is happening. I'm wondering when this is going to seep into the television series. I can see it being used sooner rather than later. 

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