Monday, January 26, 2015

Royal Jelly: Jan 28

Colder Badseed #4
Multiversity Guidebook
Arkham Manor #4
Bodies #7
Dying and the Dead #1
Rasputin #4
They're Not Like Us #2
Bitch Planet #2
Spiderman and the X-men #2
Thor #4
Wolverines #4
Uncanny Avengers #1

Eye of Newt Hardcover

Mentionables: Alex and Ada #12

It's a good week! This week there are actually a few DC titles for me. The Multiversity Guide book comes out and I've been pretty pumped for this. I really hope it fills in some holes for me. On top of that we've got the 4th issue of Arkham Manor. I really like this Batman story and illustrator Shawn Crystal! From Vertigo we have Bodies which is nearly coming to a close with only one more issue to follow next month. Will we get to learn whose body is travelling through time and space?

I'm actually going to grab some Marvel this week as well. With the impending ending to the current Marvel Universe  (and Ultimate Universe), I still haven't completely decided if I'm going to be grabbing the new Uncanny Avengers title but if you're a huge Avengers fan it should be on your radar. This picks of from the ashes of AXIS and written by the great Rick Remender, who I actually like. I'm actually kinda happy that Marvel decided not to employ Charles Soule and Ray Fawkes for this one. I was starting to feel like their hands were in every story.

Last year legendary fantasy illustrator Michael Hague released his first graphic novel as a four part mini series from Darkhorse. This week you can get the series collected in a beautiful hard cover edition. Darkhorse really knows how to put out a hardcover. This is really a beautiful fabric bound book.

Of course, this is a great week for Image. I'm a huge fan of Riley Rossmo and his Rasputin series is EPIC. It's dark and beautiful. A very haunting reflection on the life of Rasputin, spun into a fictional story fitting of such legend. I look forward to it's release every month!

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