Thursday, September 19, 2013

Revival #1 by Tim Seeley & Mike Norton

This issue was recommended to me by Mr. Dominic Marco and yesterday I found a free copy which is kind of coincidental really. Anyway, I read it last night AND... WHOLEY HELL! What a great way to open a series! I mean, dear god! The creepiness! The killing! MURDER!!!

I'm sorry, I get this way when I start reading a lot of horror/thriller comics, especially good ones! Here we go, now bear with me, TOP TEN THINGS I LOVE ABOUT THIS ISSUE:

1) The creepy-ass grandmother speaking cryptically and referencing biblical passages out in a barn while pulling out her own teeth with pliers! 
2) The fact that said creepy grandmother mentions that she's pulling out her teeth so she can wear her dentures!! Oh! The fact that she says her teeth keep growing the fuck in! What on Earth does that mean? She says she can FEEL them moving!
3) I think that aliens are involved...
4) The aliens are awesome tall, white, creepy stick figures!
5) The dead rise and they are not immediately crazy!
6) People seem to have accepted that the dead are rising and walking around like everything is normal.
7) This town has been quarantined! I mean, that right there, is the best setting for a horror story. Not to mention that we step into the story right in the middle of the action! The town has been quarantined before the reader even starts reading.
8)  There's a chick holding a scythe. 
9)  The day the dead started walking around was called "Revival Day".
10) Some stupid hill billies claim that you can cure impotence by having sex with a "reviver". (How do you have sex if you're impotent?)

There you have it. I love this issue. I flippin love it. I'm going out today and buying the two trade papers. I'll be all caught up and ready for the next preview. Thank you Image Comics :) 

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