Monday, January 5, 2015

Royal Jelly: Top Picks for Jan 7th 2015

Wolverines #1
Hellboy And The B.P.R.D. 1952 #2 (Of 5)
Lady Killer #1 (Of 5),
Names #5 (Of 9)
The Humans #3,
Fade Out #4,
Autumnlands Tooth And Claw #1 (Benjamin Dewey 2nd Printing Cover),
Ant-man #1
Wolverines #1 (Nick Bradshaw Canada Variant Cover)
Feathers #1

Heavy Metal #272

Death Of Wolverine HC (Joe Quesada Direct Market Variant Edition)

The holidays are over!! I couldn't be more thrilled! I was so busy the last two weeks that I barely got my comics read and didn't even get to consider reading something new. So I'm thrilled. Okay here's the DL:
Feathers #1

Marvel's No More Bullying campaign starts this month with Avengers! Here is something everyone should be picking up for the little ones they know! In order for bullying to stop, everyone has to be aware. This is a great campaign. It's also worth noting that Marvel's new Ant-Man series starts this week as well as the continued follow-up to the Death of Wolverine with Wolverines #1. It's set to be a new weekly series with cover by the Maritimes own, Nick Bradshaw.

Written and illustrated by Jorge Corona comes a new series from Boom Studios called Feathers. I did a little "judging a book by it's cover" bit here and decided I had to read this. With obvious influences from Mike Mignola, it really looks exactly like something I enjoy while promising me a bold new story line. Pppssttt it's about a boy born covered in feathers and his name is Poe.... need I say more?

From Darkhorse this week we have something new and exciting! A new original mini series by Joëlle Jones gives a little taste of 1960's domestic bliss with a twist of serial murder. Josie Schuller is a killer for hire and she's available this week in comic form. On an important side note this series is colored by Laura Allred, colorist for the current Silver Surfer series! 

Lady Killer #1

Also from Darkhorse we have the continuation of the most exciting prequel to show up in a decade, Hellboy and the B.P.R.D:1952. Fully illustrated by Alex Maleev and written by John Arcudi & Mike Mignola. I've been jumping up and down over this mini story.

From Image we have loads of titles on my Royal Jelly list but I think I'm most excited about The Humans #3. An on-going series about an ape motorcycle gang that is fully illustrated by one of my favorite artists Tom Neely. 

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