Friday, September 6, 2013

Trillium Issue #2 by Jeff Lemire

Need a little mystery in your life? This time-travel race against the destruction of humanity is full of it. Lemire gives us a few clues as to what the Caul have done to humanity- they destroyed Earth, and decimated colonies all over the cosmos.

Issue 1 left us with Nika and William meeting each other, unable to communicate through speech. Here they both attempt to unravel the confusion in their meeting. When it becomes clear that Nika has traveled back in time to Earth, she scans her surroundings to find an abundance of Trillium! Perhaps the answer to stopping the Caul.

There's something strange about the Trillium flower. When Nika and William ingest the flower, they see and understand each others truths without speech. The exchange is portrayed as more spiritual than scientific yet Lemire leaves this event to the reader to interpret...for now.

I am always infinitely excited to read any work by Jeff Lemire and considering my love of Sweet Tooth, I was thrilled to know he was diving into the world of science fiction while incorporating a race to save mankind. Trillium presents a unique story despite using a well-known and popular theme. I cannot wait to see what happens next.

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